Lindsey Wakefield Interview

This is an interview focusing on Lindsey’s childhood and growing up.

Immigration interview

We basically talked about my mom and her experience of her immigration to this country. To be more specific we talked about all the struggles she went through and all the stuff she had to give up to come to...

Immigrant Interview Project

An Interview on an immigrant who migrated to the US from Uruguay

Jessica Lee Am. Studies Interview- Columbia

I speak with my friend Sara, who move here from Columbia, about her experience.

Sammi Stanley’s Interview

We talked about Cecile’s immigration to America.

Peter Epro – Immigration Interview

My name is Peter Epro & today I’m interviewing Vanessa Epro (my Mom) about her Great Grandfather’s journey to America from Russia in around 1914.

Mia Forsberg immigration project

interviewing Fiona on her immigration from south africa

Uruguayan Immigrant Mother

My mother came to the United States with three of my siblings when I wasn’t even born, and this is my interview with her.

Immigrant Interview

Interview with my Aunt Teresa from Italy.

Interview with an Unknown American Project

A son and his father speak of the father’s journey in the past 30 years involving America, immigration, and the Homeland of France

Debate Coach and Debater

An interview with a senior high school debater and her coach since freshman year

Relationship Talks with Sloan

In this interview we talked about the ins and outs of relationships. It included some questions about what keeps relationships healthy and things that come with relationships.

Immigration interview- Emma Smith

Interview with Micha Reilly for the Immigration project

The life of Alexandra Perez

In this Interview Rashell Garcia go deep into the life of Alexandra Perez

Urban farming with Noelle Trueheart

Noelle manages an urban farm in Denver, Colorado. Her unique experiences and educational path led her to this farm and the amazing work being done here.

Week 1 interview

Interview my friend who has a very strong Indian culture background.

Learning About My Nana Barbara

We talked about her teaching career and experiences she had while doing it. I learned a lot about my grandparents and great grandparents during the interview. I also didn’t realize how many times she had moved in her life time.