My mom-mom

What i want to know about my mom-mom

Joann Staats Nelson with Dorothy Nelson Zerbe

We talked about many aspects of Joann’s life growing up, college education, work, marriage, raising children, aging well and faith.


We talked about Miguel’s most most difficult moment and how he overcame it.

Our Immigration Story

Mom and I talking about her experiences moving to America.

Interview Questions

This was an interview for my Social Studies class in 8th grade.

11/27/18 Casey Merritt and Emily Myers

Just me(Emily) talking to my older sister(Casey) about Casey’s life and just asking her questions.

Uncle Joe

i learned a lot about his life growing up and funny stories.

Privilege Existing
December 18, 2019 App Interview

Sitting down one on one with my teacher about the topic of privilege and power.

Gwen Raseman November 26, 2015

Gwen Raseman November 26, 2015

Daryl and rylie

Me and my grandpa were on the couch and watching football

Feelings on Foster System.

Mom has compassionate feelings about the foster system.


My sister has always wanted to be a Health personal since she was a child. Our parents played an important role in her dream.

Good old days interview

This interview is about someone who lived back in the “good old days” and how they lived with what they had.

Interview with a NASA engineer

General questions but answered in a extraordinary way