Storycorps interview

Interview with my grandfather about life and growing up

Un regalo para el futuro

Una entrevista para que tiene como objetivo trascender a las demás generaciones de la familia Alfaro

Interview with my grandma

An interview with the most loving a caring grandmother that has taught me everything I know

The Life of Dave

This is an interview of Dave’s life. Dave recounts on his early childhood memories, his career, and how he met my mom.

UNT Interview
November 15, 2020 App Interview

What major are they working on. What made them want to go into photography.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

We talked about how my mom felt about the fall of the Berlin Wall and how it has changed her life.

Interviewing Mom

Interviewing Mom about her childhood, and her past experiences.

Single Mother Story

My name is Minga Ashby this interview is part of my class Borderless Poetics and Expression for a New Time Community Project. Hope you enjoy

English 3 Final Interview Project

Edgar Gonzalez: 2020-05-11 23:16:30 I interviewed my best friend who has a visual impairment disability and I talked with him for roughly 10 minutes about his past and our relationship.

Kasey Garth and Luis Ortiz

Kasey garth: 2020-05-11 22:52:39 A quick interview to my Abuelo (Grandfather) about his childhood.

Interview with my dad part 2

Interview with my dad about his childhood as well as his current life.

Morgan’s interview

Getting to know more about Morgan and what has shaped her to be who she is

Gladys Sullivan

Gladys immigrated to the USA from Panama City, Panama. Im this interview she mentions what it was like growing up in a place with less than 1 million people. She mentions people she admired and looked up to, and shares...

UK Essay Writers

This interview was taken from the UK Essay Writers to check out their keen concept of essay writing

Interviewing Nonna, Joanne Maria Cafiero by Matteo Vauthy Planells, 10 years old

Matteo Vauthy Planells, 10 years old, from Seattle, Washington, interviews, Joanne Maria Cafiero, 74 years old, from Brookfield, CT. Joanne is Matteo's nonna, or grandmother.