Cool Chat with Dad

The journey of how my dad came to the U.S and how his experience was when he immigrated here.

Storytelling Assignment

Asking questions to my mom on how she feels about her life and what she expects from me in the future

Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.


I asked my mom a series a questions about parenting in relation to me as a child.

An interview with my mother
October 25, 2021 App Interview

A interesting interview of my mother, detailing her time as a parent and role model to myself and brother

Trieu and Timothy Hoang – Father & Son Reflection

Trieu Hoang (55) father of Timothy Hoang (24) discuss the pivotal life moments that shaped Trieu's life.

Immigration project interview

Interviewer: Aiden Martines from Leominster, Mass. (15) Interviewee: Bernard Savoie from New Brunswick, Canada (66)

Interview project for robi

It’s about the life my mom had in Brazil and the migration part of it as well

October 12, 2021 App Interview

Shafas interview

developing life using ayurveda

Kalyani Nadakudur talks to her Daughter, Keerthi Manogna Buska(19) about ayurveda and how her life has changed using ayurveda.


During this interview my interviewer talked about her life and the goals that she was proud to accomplish.

911 Chronicle

Conversation on the attack that took place on 9/11