Peggy Hegel
September 10, 2019 App Interview

This interview of Peggy was taken in Kalamazoo Michigan at friendship village.


We talked about my father’s life

Steven James Antonellis

Interview with Dad about his childhood, spirituality, love for his family and hopes and dreams

Oral History Project (4th Period)

This interview is for an Oral History Project for my Creative Writing class. I am recording this interview in Miami, Florida for Saint Brendan High School. In this interview with my dad, Jose Cisneros, I dive into topics such as...

Treehouse interview 4

Interview in treehouse it’s raining

Interview with Grandma

We had a chance to discuss family and impactful moments. We talk about reaching goals, perseverance and the building blocks of life.

Wedding stories with grandma

Looking back after all her grandkids were married

Always look at the bright side of life

Mike and Supha talking about growing up in different countries, how they met and where Mike’s career taken them