Kara talks to Lauren about her experiences in high school.

When asked about an event when she was a teenager, Kara Hattan talks about her friend who attempted suicide. She explains what happened and the outcomes. She also discusses the effect of this on her, and how she and her...

Delayni and his Grandma Nan talk about life growing up and raising a child.

Delayni interviewing his grandma nan. They are in Adelphi, Maryland. The date is November 23, 2018. They talk about his grandma’s life growing up and his mom as a child.

My sister

This interview will consist of the struggles my sister has dealt with as she grew up. She will describe who has influenced her, who kept her going, and how she overcame her experiences.

Interview of Neil Leventhal

I ask my dad some questions about our family and his childhood.

Charlie White talks to his great grandmother about growing up in rural Kansas

In this interview recorded in November 26, 2017 in Holton KS Charlie (12) and his great grandmother Novena (86) talk about growing up in Kansas in the 40s and 50s. Points such as life during the depression, raising four children,...

OMA’s childhood

Growing up in the 1940-50’s and sharing experiences of friends during that time.

Thanksgiving Day Interview

I sat down with my older sister, Annelise, over the course of her Thanksgiving break to ask some questions about her life, our family, and some of her accomplishments so far.

Grandpa Ken

He grew up in a large family, playing sports. He worked hard for 2 companies he owned. Loves his family

Bill Stark from Michigan City, Indiana interviewed by his husband, Dan Loges from their home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bill talks about growing up in the 1970’s in Michigan City, Indiana. He remembers his pets and a dramatic and tragic experience that changed his life.


Influances on his life such as his grandparents, his previous sports career and his beginning political career

Caitlin Coder talks to her dad, Bill, about his childhood.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Sachse, Texas, Caitlin Coder (15) interviews her dad, Bill (38), about his childhood and his life as a teenager. He talks about how he viewed school and being a kid, and talks...

Jack’s Great Thanksgiving Project

My father and I spoke about his fondest memories with his beloved parents, what it was like growing up as a teenager in the 70s and 80s, and his life as an accomplished adult. We spoke briefly about how the...

History Interview

I interviewed my mom about her side of the family and how growing up was.

Interview with Mom

Interviewing mom about her background and story

Interview w/ my mom

I talked to my mom mostly about her life, and what it was like growing up.

Podcast – Dylan Nowak

Interviewing my mom asking what it was like when she grew up.

Pat Gill’s life growing up

In this interview i learned a lot of different and unique things about my grandma that i never knew before. She is a very bright women and i learn a lot from her and i hope that through this interview...