Como un evento tiene efecto en la formacion de una persona. #mbhsstories

In this interview, made in San Diego, CA on November 25, Guadalupe Gonzalez talks about her childhood. Throughout her childhood, she had many memorable moments which she enjoyed, but in between those memorable moments, she went through a tragedy that...

About My Mom

I interview my mom Candace Lopez and ask her about her childhood and about me as a child.

Mikkael’s unknown American interview

I interviewed a friend about their immigration story. We talked about differences between the US and the Philippines.

The New Age of a Dancer

Mia Galletti is an alumni of the Artquest Dance program at Santa Rosa High School. She is a graduate from the class of 2018 and she hopes to continue dancing. She is currently enrolled at the Santa Rosa Junior College....

Interviewing Someone of Importance

Today I have decided to interview my sister. We discussed the things she was proud of me for.

My Nana (the Scicilian One)

I sit down with my Nana (grandma) who is 82, turning 83 in a couple weeks. We talk about her childhood, her job, what it was like when she got a divorce, and how much she loves her family.

Luke Osterkamp and his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, talk about life stories.

In this interview, Luke Osterkamp interviews his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, on her life. The interview was conducted on November 25, 2018 in their home in Manhattan Beach, California. Ashley shares stories about her life and what she has learned throughout...

Perspective of a Vietnamese Immigrant and the Mother of Jennifer To

Michelle Nguyen, my mother, tells me her life as a Vietnamese immigrant, who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. She tells to me of her experiences with people at that time, and how she feels about me, her...

Parent Interview

Questioned my grandfather on thoughts of education and my future.

My Mom

What was talked about was family and people who influenced others in diffrent ways

Tina Caracciolo Forte

Today I interviewed Tina Forte and asked her about her husband and all of the trips they went on together. Also how she lived right next door to her best friend, my grandmother and some of the most important things...

Gratitude with a side of Alzheimer’s.

I did this interview with my who is living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Her Assited living in Calabasas was under evacuation from the Woolsey fire, but the building made it and they are back home today. So much to be grateful...

Interview with close friend

I asked her about herself and her difficult/proud moments in her life.

Life in Barcelona vs California

This interview is taken place April 2018 in Fullerton California. I am interviewing my 28 year old brother Kevin O’Connell who traveled abroad in 2016. He moved to Barcelona, Spain for a couple months to finish getting his degree. I...