Londyn Adams

NFL players kneeling and how you feel about it

Louie Atari’s Journey

My Dad’s journey to the U.S. and the struggles he faced

History Project 12/4

This is an interview by Morgan Schiff and I interviewed my mom

Coming to America

My mother’s story of how she immigrated to the US

grandpa larry

I interviewed my Grandpa Larry about his early years

Memories of childhood influences

This interview is about Jackie’s life growing up. She talks about the people who influenced her life and affected the person she became today.

Life of my grandfather continued

My grandpa talked about his childhood life and his thanksgiving traditions and the civil rights movement

Volunteers In Service To America and Race in Milwaukee

I interviewed my grandfather about his time working with VISTA in 1969 in Milwaukee.

A War On Two Fronts

Not long ago, people of color were more heavily mistreated, denied opportunities, and denied respect based on one thing. On November 29th, 2017, 14 year old Jason Ridley interviews his 85 year old grandfather, John Ridley III, about his time...

Interview of my father; Patrick Mitchell

My father Patrick Mitchell shares details of his life growing up in Milwaukee.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017. Georgia Marie Walkins

I interviewed my grandmother two days after thanksgiving. Talking to her and getting to know her more has brought me closer to her


My grandpa was a paper worker built machines traveled the world,loved his simblings best memories were going to the brewers games in Milwaukee and watched with his family and friends.Met his wife in class,went to Green Bay and Madison for...

The Apollo 13 Mission: Resolving Crisis from 200,000+ Miles Away

Ed (Edward) Mallonen III—a member of the team of engingeers who had to find a way for the Apollo 13 to return safely once problems arose—retells the high-stakes work he and his fellow engineers invested to create a solution to...

My Grandma Life

In this interview my grandmother reflects about the challenges and struggles in her life.

Grandma Millie Dallmann

Christmas time interview with grandma about her life, and life in general just before her ninetieth birthday.