Mary Buckner Interview
February 5, 2020 App Interview

Mary Buckner talks of times gone by in Hot Springs North Carolina Biographical Sketch Full name: Mary Elizabeth Candler Buckner Husband: Noland Candler, born 1941 – died 1989 Birthday: 2-24-1946 Where were you born: Corner of Conway and Spring Street,...

Bill and Waco Culbertson interviewed by John Kirkpatrick, August 2019.
September 19, 2019 App Interview

Bill and Waco Culbertson share their life story from birth and family, where they lived, jobs, early years in Spring Creek, children, years in Hot Springs, military service, and retirement.

Margaret and Sue describe their family history and stories from Hot Springs, NC.
August 21, 2019 App Interview

Margaret and Sue describe growing up in Hot Springs and tell engaging stories about their families, Christmas presents, one room schoolhouses, and other slices of life from Appalachia.

Elmer discusses coming to Hot Springs, managing the Sunnybank Inn, and the origination of the Bluff Mountain Festival.
August 21, 2019 App Interview

Kate Hubbard interviews Elmer Hall about his fascinating life and history with Hot Springs, North Carolina. Elmer describes how he first came through Hot Springs when hiking the Appalachian Trail. He then went on to manage the Sunnybank Inn, a...

Camille Crovillebois Shafer interviewed by Maxine Dalton
August 21, 2019 App Interview

Life story and founding of Azule. Born in Normandy France 1942. Injured and loss of hand. Red Cross facility. Boarding school. Arts school. French student revolution. Canada, Toledo Ohio. Met Dave married, New Mexico and Arizona. 1972 Spring Creek. Founding...

The Life and Times of Agnes Brooks

Lifelong resident of the rural Spring Creek community of Madison County, NC, Agnes Brooks, tells her younger neighbor, John Kirkpatrick, about her life in the mid-to-late 1900's: how she met her husband on the school bus and how they raised...

The Life and Times of Hazel Moore

Della "Hazel" Moore was born in Johnson City, Tennessee on May 31, 1922, and came to live in Hot Springs, North Carolina shortly after her birth. She died at age 96, . She lived her life and created her legacy...