Minot-Sleeper Library partnered with StoryCorps, New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR), and the Bristol, New Hampshire Historical Society to record, archive, and share stories told by the people of the Newfound Region of New Hampshire. The project invited Newfound Region community members of all ages and from diverse backgrounds to share their life experiences and stories alongside trained facilitators, who recorded the conversations, which were then shared and archived.

The mission of StoryCorps is to preserve and share humanity’s stories to build connections between people and create a more compassionate and just world. This aligns with Minot-Sleeper Library’s vision: enriching lives through community engagement. These organizational guiding statements complement the goals of our project: Bring people together in engaging ways, preserve the Newfound Region’s history, and celebrate the diversity of the community today.

All Minot Sleeper Library Interviews

Audry Barriault and Abigail Reece

Friends Audry Barriault (34) and Abigail Reece (34) discuss travel, jobs and childhood memories.

Dilys Morris and Leon Sharp

Spouses Dilys Morris (71) and Leon Sharp (85) talk about Leon's early life living in the woods and logging. Leon describes his life and family/homesteading.

Audry Barriault and Jennifer Davis

Friends Jennifer Davis (46) and Audry Barriault (34) discuss their friendship, relationships, and Jennifer's late mother.

Erica [No name given] and Elsa [No name given]

Mother and daughter Erica [no name given] (45) and Elsa [no age given] (18) talk about growing up in a small town and Elsa leaving soon for college. Elsa also talks about being prepared for the future.

Everett Bucklin and Donna Rhodes

Everett C. Bucklin [no age given] discusses his life of farming, fishing and growing up in the Alexandria New Hampshire area with Donna [No name given] [no age given].

Lucille Keegan and Martha Hulsman

Friends Lucille Keegan [no age given] and Martha Hulsman (60) talk about Martha's pottery business, 15 schools, being a caregiver and pet birds. Lucille talks about growing up in Bristol on a dairy farm and her father's interest in training...

John Keegan and Tom Keegan

Brothers Tom Keegan (74) and John Keegan (76) talk about John's experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama in the 1960's and Tom's experiences in college.

Laura Davies and Tobey Partch-Davies

Mother and daughter Tobey Partch-Davies (53) and Laura Davies (25) talk about Laura's birth and diagnosis of a heart condition. They discuss Laura's experience of being included in school.

Rebecca Herr and Kate Allen

Rebecca Herr (72) and Kate Allen (74) discuss their 45 year friendship, characteristics of a good friendship, and how theirs has lasted.

Richard Metcalf and Janet Metcalf

Richard [No name given] [no age given] interviews his wife Janet [No name given] [no age given] about being a woman as a machinist and being part of the IAMAW-Local 459 union.

Joseph Denning and Cynthia Westfall

Joseph "Joe" Denning (80) talks with his niece Cynthia Westfall (55) about his life in Bristol and how important the community has been for him.

Garret Taoka and Shayne Duggan

Garret Taoka (68) talks with Shayne Duggan (50) about his parents' time in an internment camp during WWII, his childhood, and becoming a dentist.