AMI/USA’s Montessori in the USA Story Project

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


Sheri Bishop at Sarasota University Colloquium February 2022

Guest speaker, Sheri Bishop M.Ed., at the Sarasota University Colloquium. Sheri, who currently works as AMI/USA Human Rights and Social Justice Advisor, discussed how American history is deeply connected to the experiences and history of people of color. Our American...

Exclusive Interview by Ayize Sabater, AMI/USA Executive Director: Nia Seale

M. Nia Seale is an AMI Primary Trainer. She received her AMI 3 to 6 Diploma in 1998 and holds a B.S. in Education Studies. Nia enjoyed 10 years working with children and families in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C....

Creating the ideal conditions for learning and development

This interviews captures the highlights of Ginni Sackett’s Montessori journey, as well as essential aspects of Normalization as the key to successful Montessori work.

Claudia Gisonda and Patricia Gisonda Speth

Claudia and Patricia discuss their Montessori story, meeting Mario Montessori, and working in Montessori Education. This interview was recorded at AMI/USA's 2022 Montessori Experience: Refresher Course and More in celebration of the 50th anniversary.

Mary Reinhart interviewed by Samantha Levine

Mary Reinhart tells us her Montessori Story and shares her experience with the Assistants to Infancy plane of development, experience being an AMI/USA consultant, work with Montessori for Social Justice and more!

Tracey Tuthill Buckeridge shares her story at AMI/USA's 2022 Montessori Experience: AMI Refresher Course

In celebration of AMI/USA's 50th Anniversary in 2022, Tracey Tuthill Buckeridge shares her Montessori story with Mary Reinhardt, and reminisces about her time as a Montessori student, teacher and head of school.

Philip Snow Gang and Carolina Montessori

Dr. Philip Snow Gang met Carolina Montessori when he was visiting her father, Dr. Mario Montessori, Jr, in 1981. In this interview Phil Gang shares his 50-year contributions to the Montessori movement, as well his association with Mario Jr. and...

Exclusive Interview by Ayize Sabater, AMI/USA Executive Director: Molly O'Shaughnessy

Molly O’Shaughnessy is an accomplished AMI trainer as well as a consultant and lecturer. She has led the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota (MCM) for 20 years of expansion, growing a teacher training center into a movement to bring high-quality...

Joseph Wood interviews Kathy Minardi

In celebration of the 50 year anniversary of AMI/USA, Joseph Wood interviews Kathy Minardi regarding her life's work in Montessori.

8/6/2021 50th Anniversary Committee Meeting

This is the first meeting of the 50th Anniversary Committee where members share their Montessori story

Paula Lillard Preschlack and Paula Polk Lillard: The Spirit in Montessori's Approach with Children

Paula Lillard Preschlack and her mother/author/speaker Paula Polk Lillard, age 90, discuss their experiences of working with children in Montessori classrooms with this vital theme of the spirit in the approach. Topics covered in order: I: The Silence Game, II:...

"More Montessori for More Children" ~ Debra Hershey Guren Shares Her Story

Debra Hershey Guren discusses finding an environment where her children could discover their own potential, and her work with Montessori schools in the USA and internationally. As the CEO/Executive Director of the Hershey Foundation, Board Emeritus at Hershey Montessori School,...

Susan Mayclin Stephenson, "I learned so much about Montessori from answering questions!" September 2021

World traveling Montessori mother, grandmother, teacher, consultant, and book author, shares memories of Montessori experiences in the United States.