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“Mentoring makes me happy, I never tire of it.” A conversation with Alicia Hoffman.

Alicia Hoffman is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is studying air quality and how to model the chemistry that impacts our air, using the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model — developed by the Environmental...

"When I was a child I always loved nature — I [knew] I wanted to become a scientist." A conversation with Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario.

Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario is an undergraduate student and Physics major from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. Over the summer, Stephanie will be participating at SaSa, the Student Airborne Science Activation, summer program. SaSa is hosting 25 early-career undergraduates (first-...

“How far you go [in your science career] depends on how big your curiosity is." A conversation with David Moore.

David Moore is a first-year graduate student at UCLA. He is studying tropical cyclones, also known as typhoons or hurricanes, on Earth. In his graduate research work, David is researching how to bridge the gap between planetary atmospheres and meteorology...

"I've always had an interest and a fascination with space." A conversation with Jonathan Hale.

Jonathan Hale is one of 25 students in the new Student Airborne Science Activation (SaSa) program at the NASA Ames Research Center. Students at SaSa are undergraduates from minority-serving institutions, competitively selected across the United States. Over the course of...

"SaSa became the culmination of all of my past and present interests." A conversation with Kennedi White.

Kennedi White is one of 25 students starting in the new Student Airborne Science Activation (SaSa) program at the NASA Ames Research Center. Students at SaSa are undergraduates from minority-serving institutions, competitively selected across the United States. Over the course...

I joined the Air Force Academy to become an astronaut. NASA has always been at the forefront of my imagination, plans and dreams.

Dr. Jared Broddrick is a systems biologist who is passionate about solar system exploration and NASA’s Human Research Program. Broddrick participated in the Human Exploration Research Analog where he lived in a 600-square-foot box with three other researchers for 45...

"In Iran there was no space agency. The idea of working at NASA wasn't real. But it's always been my passion." A chat with Yasaman Shirazi.

As a mission scientist Dr. Yasaman Shirazi sends rodent research experiments to the space station. In her role she noticed how much of a gap there was when working with engineers and scientists. Engineers thought scientists make everything difficult. Scientists...

"In kindergarten I saw an astronaut on TV walking on the Moon and knew that was the direction I wanted to go." A conversation with Liz Pane.

At 5 years old Liz Pane knew she had to go to space camp. As the years went on she continued to develop her passion through education and internships and finally landed at NASA Ames. Liz is a scientist, engineer,...

Dual interests as both research scientist and engineer. An interview with Alok Shrestha.

In this interview, Senior Engineer Alok Shrestha discusses his career path as both engineer and scientist, now working for the Airborne Science Facility at NASA Ames. He also discussed how his background helped aid the 2015 earthquake recovery in Nepal,...

"I had no idea I'd be working for NASA. I thought they just needed engineers and astronauts!" A conversation with Lovorka Degoricija.

Next Generation Sequencing Scientist Dr. Lovorka Degoricija works on NASA's GeneLab Project where she studies biology that changes in the environment of space. She extracts DNA from spaceflight samples that have been returned to Earth and processes them so sequencing...

"Persistence is necessary to have a career in the sciences." An interview with Laura Iraci.

Dr. Laura Iraci is a research scientist in the Earth Sciences Division at NASA Ames, where she leads a group focusing on air and where human pollution goes. In this interview, we discuss her early interest in high school chemistry...

"We should not live in a bubble when we conduct science." A conversation with Florian Schwandner.

From a childhood filled with archeology lessons from his dad, to graduate studies measuring gases from active volcanoes, and then designing early warning systems to detect volcanic activity, Dr. Florian Schwandner's life goal has been to make a difference in...

"I love problem solving. Curiosity drives me to ask the big question: are we alone in the universe?" A conversation with Natasha Batalha.

As a theoretical planetary scientist, Dr. Natasha Batalha does not work in a lab or stare down the eye of a telescope. Natasha's work involves taking basic physical concepts and folding them into computer programs that help us predict a...


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