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“It'd be a great job to be the person who gets someone excited to go into science in the future.” An interview with Zachary Wolff

Zachary Wolff talks about how his path to studying and creating models as a graduate student at UC Irvine was not straightforward: he first considered medicine and meteorology before working on a CICE radiation study and discovering his interest. While...

"I feel like we were on similar paths"

Lisa and Christine, mom's of second graders, interview each other about balancing their home businesses while being moms. Listen to the life lessons they pass on to their children.

"What do you think is the most important characteristic for a child to learn, especially at the preschool level?"

April interviews the director of her son's preschool. Donna talks about her observations of children, their development and how they see wonder in everything.

"My family has a very long history with Lone Pine, CA"

Work friends, Holly C. interviewed Holly M. about her family tradition of their long history of visiting Lone Pine, CA. and what a special and important place it is. In fact, that's where Holly M. knew she was in love...

"It was just not the usual stuff"

Alan and Dale reminisced about their UCLA architecture classes they took in mid 1970's. Talked about their adventures and architecture they saw on their 1978 road trip from LA to NY.

"How old were you when you met dad?"

On Valentine Day, 2019, Jann sat down with her mom and asked her questions about how her parents met. Eva talked talked about meeting Don in high school and then corresponded with him while he served overseas in the Marine...

Don't drink and drive

Adam cherishes his grandparents in China. He mourns a friend who died in a car accident and celebrates another who survived.