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"Always remember that we professors are all smart, but what will set you apart is being kind.” an interview with Rafael Loureiro
"Science is the factor that leads to a better human life." an interview with Ana Jeleapov
"If you want to do something, don't let anyone put limitations on you." an interview with Rosaly Lopes
"We may be close to a tipping point...over fifty percent of the Amazon may be lost within decades." an interview with Carlos Nobre
"If you can't test it, it's not really science." an interview with Ross Stein
"[Science] lets us imagine things we hadn't thought possible." an interview with Sarah Vines and Robert Allen
"It's hard to isolate cause and effect - we have to take nature on its own terms." an interview with Mary Hudson and William Lotko
"Whould've thought that a billion miles from earth we'd have biological activity in the bottom of an ocean?" an interview with Tom Krimigis
"Science is a universal language, which helps us bridge language and cultural gaps." an interview with Emily Wolin
"I ask a question that can connect what I'm doing with research in the past or planned for the future." an interview with Nathan Kurtz
"Don't take yourself too seriously. Try and always put yourself in a new perspective." an interview with Lara Patricia Sotto
"Our role as geoscientists is to help people understand fragility and power of the world." an interview with Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
What’s My Motivation, Said Neither of These Two Ever. An interview with Lucy Jones and Wendy Bohon
"A magnetic storm...can damage many electrical systems on Earth like communications and power grids." an interview with Walter Gonzalez
Geological stories run in families, inspiring the next generation. An interview with Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Ramesh Singh, and Ritesh Gautam
"Then I took geology as a distribution class. It was the only thing that was really fundamentally new." an interview with Seth Stein