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"Glaciers are the interface between land, atmosphere, and ocean.” an interview with Christopher Shuman
I think being a strong optimist, I hope we actually manage to keep our planet with as little damage as possible from climate change.
"Geoscience investigates the past, it measures the present, and it models the future behavior of our planet."
"The things that make me proud are working every day to make life better for the people around me. "
"It’s always nice if you can discover something new after your studies and add your small brick to the wall of knowledge of society."
"Studying science provides this feeling of curiosity which is one of the purest kinds of attitudes that we we develop as children."
"I would encourage students to ask more help find out what they do and do not enjoy doing."
"The possibility of discovering different things and teaching what I have learned is something that always fascinates me. "
"I really enjoy learning about the unknown and how humans interact with the fundamental processes of earth..."
" really just getting to learn all of these new things is what is exciting for me."
"I had a great coach who taught me more to geology and ever since then I have been involved with learning earth sciences."
"When you learn something, then you can relate it to something else and show that connection in the science field."
Students "need to understand that the world needs them" by Ben Mapani
I am excited to be work as part of a network to increase participation in STEM and build a future workforce.
"...our future on this planet needs an assumption of responsibility by all..."
"Someday I want to tell my son...that I did everything I could to help the climate change crisis." by Toni Morelli