The Waldorf Chronicles: A Waldorf100 Initiative

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


An interview with Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm, Alum, Zachary Felton-Priestner.

“At Summerfield Waldorf, the connection between the teachers and students is strong. I always felt really comfortable sending them an email or asking a question. The support from the teachers was the most important thing for me.”

An interview with Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm Alum, Dillion Behling.

“At Summerfield Waldorf, I learned how to learn…  Instead of giving up and being discouraged when I fail, I stay positive and use that failure to inspire new ideas. I learned to keep persisting. I think that’s important.”

An Interview with Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm Alum, Ula Camastro

“I appreciate that Summerfield Waldorf is different than other kinds of education. There’s an openness about it. It shines a different light on life. It really opened up my perspective about different people, how they choose to live their lives,...

Improved Infrastructure Interview

The infrastructure of countries can be developed if technical education is provided. Learned engineers, builders and architects mean well-planned roads, bridges, underpasses, flyovers and traffic conditions. They can survey the demands and necessities of a particular region and can aim...

Trichologist Education

A trichologist is a doctor who is specialized in the science of structure, function as well as the diseases of the human hair. Moreover, he also retains sound expertise in the diagnosis and the treatment of the human hair and...

Waldorf 100 with Ashley Renwick

An interview with alumna Ashley Renwick of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH in celebration of Waldorf 100

Waldorf 100 with Helen-Ann Ireland

An interview with trustee and alumni parent Helen-Ann Ireland of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH in celebration of Waldorf 100

David Sloan – on helping to establish TWO Waldorf High Schools and the Art and Heart of Waldorf education.

"We have to learn to be flexible, elastic, responsive, and if at all possible, farsighted enough to anticipate what our students and the larger world is going to need in these future decades."

Interview #1 – Laura Richwood Waldorf Journey started in 2007

After her 14-year journey the heartfelt story of how Laura Richwood found the school of her dreams for her daughter. She describes Waldorf Education as teaching students how to be human beings and find their purpose in life.

The Waldorf School of Garden City – Crowning Blossom, High School Stories

This interview was recorded by Samantha D’Aleo at The Waldorf School of Garden City

HERE COMES THE BLOOD, in which Linden Waldorf alum Christopher Coburn tells how he came to write and record a song for 7th grade Physiology.

"Deoxygenated, accumulated blood running to the heart . . . ." Why and how is a song about the cardiovascular system created, recorded, and produced by a 7th grade student for a Physiology block? This interview with class teacher Catie...

Detroit Waldorf Music with Pamela Michael

Pamela discusses the music program at Detroit Waldorf School.

A conversation with Calgary Waldorf School Early Childhood teacher Karen Fjestad

Preschool teacher Karen Fjestad of the Calgary Waldorf school talks about what brought her to the Waldorf School, What fulfills her in work at the school, how Waldorf benefited her own children's education and life skills, how Waldorf education contributes...