Corey Harvard and Lisa Harvard

Recorded October 29, 2023 Archived October 29, 2023 39:39 minutes
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Corey Harvard (36) speaks to his mom, Lisa Harvard (61), about their relationship. Corey expresses gratitude to Lisa for the love she instilled in him throughout his childhood, giving him a family built on trust and respect. They discuss how this foundation fueled the work he does today with his organization Prism United, which offers programs for LGBTQ youth and the people who care for them.

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Lisa Harvard (L) reflects on her childhood and the difficulty of having separated parents.
Corey Harvard (C) expresses love for his childhood and mentions that the dinner table was his favorite place.
C credits his ability to love so abundantly to Lisa.
C talks about the "bottomless sense of security" he felt with his mom and dad, and expresses appreciation for their trust and respect.
L speaks about what it was like for her when Corey first came out to her as gay.
C recalls contemplating suicide, and his mom acting as his "golden lasso" that kept him alive.
L says there is nothing Corey could do that would change the way she loves him.
C and L talk about what it is like to be queer in a conservative, rural place.
L expresses gratitude to C for teaching her and her husband to look at the world differently and discover a progressive faith.
C speaks about his organization Prism United.
C and L talk about faith.


  • Corey Harvard
  • Lisa Harvard

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Mardi Gras Park

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