Ivonne Diaz and Sofía Avant-Mier

Recorded January 28, 2023 Archived January 28, 2023 40:13 minutes
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Colleagues Ivonne Diaz (35) and Sofía Aviant-Mier (22) discuss their experiences as Mexican-Americans in the United States, the political advocacy work they do with the nonprofit Texas Rising, and how they attempt to create work-life boundaries and advocate for themselves.

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S and I discuss their roles with Texas Rising.
S asks I what led her to community organizing, activism, and being a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient.
S recalls growing up in a predominantly white community in Boston, Massachusetts.
S remembers being a child and being othered by white students.
J recalls becoming a DACA recipient at the age of 25 and getting involved in political activism.
S and I talk about privileges they have.
S and I talk about self-care and boundaries within the work place.
I asks S how she navigates and advocates for equality in the workplace.


  • Ivonne Diaz
  • Sofía Avant-Mier

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La Fe Community Center

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