Judy Forrester and Tony Teravainen

Recorded January 21, 2020 Archived January 21, 2020 34:52 minutes
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Judy Forrester [no age given] speaks with her friend and collaborator Tony Teravainen [no age given] about Tony's military service, starting the Support The Enlisted Project (STEP), the challenges of military family life, and how STEP and the New Children's Museum seek to offer resources for veterans and their families.

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TT speaks about his childhood, what it is like to grow up with parents in the military, and his father finishing his military service.
TT recalls the challenge of adjusting to college before enlisting in the Navy and becoming a nuclear power electrician. TT speaks about being medically discharged from the Navy at age 26.
TT speaks about volunteering time at non-profits before starting the Support The Enlisted Project (STEP), and describes the work STEP does.
JF speaks about the history of a strong military presence in San Diego, and recalls learning more about military struggles while acting as CEO of the San Diego USO.
JF speaks about the New Children's Museum programming for military families, and tells a story about parents and families coming to the museum after spouses are deployed.
JF recalls meeting Kristin Gaspar, a San Diego politician, to speak about the challenges military spouses face. JF shares future plans to expand museum access to military families.
TT speaks about family time, and shares future plans as well as a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Judy Forrester
  • Tony Teravainen (b. 1968)

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The New Children's Museum

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