Kathia Gonzalez and Rocio Ronquillo

Recorded January 25, 2023 Archived January 25, 2023 33:43 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Kathia Gonzalez (28) and Rocio Ronquillo (30) reflect on their experiences as Latinas in the conservation world and discuss the importance of representation and urban conservation.

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K and R describe their work and share childhood memories of time spent outdoors.
K and R speak about their journeys to conservation work, the ways their Latina identities and backgrounds have impacted their experiences, and the lessons they have learned in the process.
R reflects on the lack of representation for Latinas in the conservation world and the challenges women, and Latinas in particular, face in their industry.
K describes what conservation looks like in urban settings and why it matters. R and K discuss the impact of their work at Frontera Land Alliance.
R and K share advice for others who want to get involved in conservation and make a difference in their community. They also express their appreciation for each other.


  • Kathia Gonzalez
  • Rocio Ronquillo

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La Fe Community Center

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