Kathy Cowan & Colby Maddox

Recorded December 9, 2017 Archived December 9, 2017 38:46 minutes
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A conversation between Kathy Cowan and Colby Maddox, co-workers, teachers at the Old Town School. Kathy talks about a father, a classical singer who worked with Win Stracke, and traces her history from a receptionist job at WFMT to a close musical association with the Armstrong family to performances at Old Town School that led to an invitation to teach. The pedagogical challenge of teaching good technique and vernacular styles is discussed as well as the gateway that Old Town School presents to anyone interested in non-classical, high level music. This conversation was recorded at the school on September 27th, 2017. Go to www.oldtownschool.org/StoryCorps to hear selected excerpts from interviews collected as part of the StoryCorps-Old Town School partnership.


  • Kathy Cowan
  • Colby Maddox
  • Old Town School of Folk Music