Lifetime friends Leslie Johnson and Cynthia Shepherd spent many hours together in their youth at the St. George Library

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Recording April 24, 2018 – In a day before television, reading was important to best friends Leslie Empey Johnson and Cynthia Cox Shepherd. They reminisced about dropping by the Thomas Judd’s Store for candy and heading across the street to the St. George Library in Southern Utah. Later, it was a place to do research for school papers and, of course, to meet friends and cute boys. Cynthia’s earliest memory was attending second grade in the basement of the St. George Library while the East and West Elementary buildings were being constructed. Cynthia was a student at both schools later. Mrs. Fae Picklesimer was her 2nd grade teacher.

Leslie’s first memory of the library was being teased by older elementary students as she walked to her kindergarten class!

The St. George Carnegie Library held many memories of fun times of growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and the youth walked wherever they needed to go.


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