Angie Apodaca and Cynthia Apodaca

Recorded February 19, 2010 Archived February 19, 2010 42:55 minutes
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Angie Apodaca (74) talks with her daughter Cynthia Apodaca (47) about losing her son Eric to HIV/AIDS.

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Angie talks about the type of mother she was. She wanted to have six children but only had four.
Angie talks about her youngest son Eric. She describes when she first knew Eric was Gay.
Angie talks about the day she told Eric to get an HIV test because he was showing signs of odd sickness.
Cynthia talks about the symptoms Eric was showing and she describes the day she realized he might have the HIV virus.
Cynthia describes the day she found out Eric had HIV.
Cynthia talks about her favorite memories with Eric before he died.
Cynthia and Angie describe what Eric looked like.


  • Angie Apodaca
  • Cynthia Apodaca

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