The Hurricane Branch Library and its Anime Fannatiku Club provided a safe and supportive place for Cynthia Hawk

Recorded December 4, 2018 Archived December 4, 2018 03:51 minutes
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Recording September 24, 2017 – Cynthia Hawk discovered an anime club at the Hurricane Branch Library in Hurricane, Utah during her elementary years. It was created by WCLS employees Natalie Daniel and Sarah Hall, called Anime Fannatiku and Manga Club. Cynthia described it as a “safe space,” and “a place where no one would judge.”
During fan art contests, they proudly displayed her simple drawings along with the others, encouraging her as an artist. She has memories of small conventions, sewing demonstrations, anime marathons, and everyone having a good time. It had an impact on her life and she is grateful to Natalie and Sarah for all of their effort. “It showed it’s okay to be different, to embrace diversity, and treat each other with respect,” Cynthia said.
The interview was conducted by her mother.


  • Cynthia Hawk
  • Julie Walton

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