"The moment that put me on this path was an intro to Geology course." an interview with David Lagomasino

Recorded February 19, 2019 Archived February 19, 2019 15:59 minutes
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Dr. David Lagomasino, assistant research professor at the University of Maryland and researcher at the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, discusses his life in science, studying coastlines and the effects of sea level rise, erosion, deforestation, and other factors on complex natural and human landscapes. His current global study is seeking to understand how mangroves are affected both by changes in the natural environment and by human need for food, such as rice cultivation and shrimp aquaculture.

He also works with leaders managing local coastlines such as Everglades National Park to give them maps on the big picture of what is going on with their coastlines, and where hurricanes hit them the hardest. He ends his interview speaking of the hopes for the next generation. "There will be obstacles in the way. Seeing that push in the younger generations...I see them pushing forward with management and policy decisions that are informed by science." (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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