"Three Generations of Ice Cap Expertise." an interview with Sinead Farrell, Walter Meier, Ellen Buckley and Jackie Richter- Menge

Recorded January 28, 2019 Archived January 28, 2019 48:42 minutes
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What starts as a conversation about arctic change is actually an all-encompassing discussion about career growth, patience, and personal growth. Walt Meier, National Snow, and Ice Data center, introduces us to Jackie Richter-Menge, US Arctic Research Commission, who has spent the majority of her 40-year career as a pioneer in studying sea ice, as one of the first women working out in the field.

Ellen Buckley, University of Maryland, is a Ph.D. student hoping to enter the field at an exciting but challenging time thanks to advancements in technology and data. She’s been lucky to find a mentor in Sinead Farrel at the University of Maryland. Listen to the end to hear civil engineer jokes! (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Sinead Farrell
  • Jackie Richter- Menge
  • Ellen Buckley
  • Walt Meier
  • Greg Roth
  • AGU Narratives

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