"We're really just scratching the surface about how the earth works." an interview with Daniel Minguez

Recorded January 30, 2019 Archived January 30, 2019 17:54 minutes
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Daniel Minguez, a geophysicist for Chevron, helps create new geologic models of the earth’s layers, trying “to build geologic stories for how different geologic elements got there.” Daniel discusses his work which focuses on boring techniques and navigating plate tectonics. His work is half-way between research and business needs.

Will the petroleum system work there? Are hydrocarbons there? What is the integrity of the subsurface? What are the risks and expenses of drilling? “The exciting and scary part is when you drill it and see if you’re right!" (Recorded 14 December 2018)


  • Daniel Minguez
  • Ilan Glazer