Dave & Alex Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Alex Andersen talks with her dad, David Andersen, about how Inman Park, Atlanta, and the state of Georgia as a whole are underprepared and ill-equipped for any climate crisis. From Snowpocalypse to extreme heat, Alex and Dave discuss the critical...

Interview with Dr. Kaylan Haizlip

Discussion between Pace Academy senior Isabel Battista and Pace Academy biology teacher Dr. Kaylan Haizlip about the events of 2020, from COVID-19, to the renewed racial justice and BLM movement, to the 2020 election.

Raina Moseley and Ms. Wright-Lewis' Conversation about 2020 and 2021

In this interview, we touched on experiences with racism Ms.Wright-Lewis encountered as a young black girl growing up in Atlanta, how the summer of 2020, with regards to the increase in racially-motivated police brutality, has affected her and her family,...

Michael Johnson and Metta Johnson

Mom and son, Metta Johnson (74) and Michael Johnson (41), discuss Metta's life growing up in Georgia, her relationship with her husband Clyde Johnson, and her career as a nurse.

Brenny and Amanda Clare Interview

My mom, Amanda, and I talk about the past, present, and future. Covering a range of topics from the day I was born through COVID struggles, lots of ups and downs are discussed. She shares the struggles of parenting and...

Interviewing my Father

I (Carli Bowen) interview my father about his life.

Interview: Julie Hudak

My mother and I discussed a plethora of topics on and off the list of questions. She told many stories about me and her life before starting a family. We discussed many important historical events throughout her time that I...


I talked about wonderful memories of my family and friends. It was fun to relive the ‘old days’ with my sweet grandson, Huston. Some of the people and stories he had heard about, but I think there were a few...