Keokuks legacy

My mother has had a hard life but she has always had the best mindset. A strong womans story

A Peaceful Resistance

Tony elaborates on his Vietnamese Asian-American experience and his journey with Hidden Fest, a platform for creatives to network and grow.

All about Connor.

Connor is not a native of Florida, so I conducting this Interview i wanted to know in brief who he was, what he enjoys, who or what inspires him, and what are his thoughts on himself.

My Tata interview

Life growing up in La Calonia and Oxnard in the 1960s and 70s, dealing with discrimination, and putting family 1#

Interviewing my dad

I asked my dad some questions that I have always wanted to ask him.

Honors English 10 Interview

I discussed a wide range of topics throughout my interview with my mother, including the best memories from her childhood to her hopes for me as I partake in the next chapter in my life.

Sisters By Chance, Best Friends By Choice (Final Draft)

Naomi and I talked about a lot of things in life. We talked about how role models influence us and how as Naomi is the youngest she has standards that she has to live up to. We have been so...

Sisters by chance, best friends by choice

Naomi and I talked about a lot of things in life. We talked about how we get hurt, but we have amazing friends and family that we can count on. We have so many positive memories that have been influenced...

Happiness in your life

We talked about how grateful you can be with anything in your life. We talked about how life isn’t always how you would imagine it, it is better.


This is a short example of the happiness that has been in my mother’s life. We often forget in times of stress and agony about the happiness that life brings to us.

Mother Daughter Talk, 4/29/19

We talked about a range of topics; everywhere from happiest memories to most challenging experiences.

SOC 110 Interview with Jessica

Discussed growing up in a suburb and how she views the world today based on her background and what is important to her

Roommate interview

We talked about life and memories and how things affect who we are today.

A Conversation About Reclamation

G and I sat in Ashley’s house and talked about her goals, the strong women in her life and who she wants to be remembered as.