Greg Byer speaks about his time in the US Army

Greg Byer provides insight in his on his time spent in the US Army including his initial experiences at basic training, his deployment in Germany, and his time spent in Operation Desert Shield. He also shares how these experiences shaped...

English II Interview Project

E. Scott Wright answers questions about his outlook on life, the legacy he wants to leave behind, and how others have affected him.

How my mother impacted my life.

The words that were exchanged and said was about how my life was impacted by my mother. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Interview with Oma

My Grandma(Oma) answers some questions from how she joined the military, to even working for the state department.(The cover photo is from us when she too me to London, I called he for the interview)

Papis raíces

I spoke with my father about his experience with military, education, culture, and family.

The Thanksgiving Listen- interviewing my Uncle Jim

Today, Dec 15th, 2019, I interviewed my Uncle Jim from Greenville, SC. He is married to Amy Garland and has two kids- Abbey and Jake Garland. I spend a lot of time with him but realized that I did not...

My Father, A Veteran

This interview was of my father, a Navy veteran and how being in the Navy affected his life.

"Tell Me About How You Got Inspired to Join the Military"

I interviewed my dad today. He is a military veteran and served overseas for a majority of his young life, and in the beginning of my childhood. He was in the Air Force for 20 years before retiring to go...

Emily and Butch FINAL Interview

We talked about the Military and his life.

Service and Civilian Life

We discussed what life was like for Cook in the military, some of his favorite memories, and what life was like as a civilian after being in service.

Experience with the USAF 1967-1973

A phone interview with my grandfather who served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Matt Ronan and Michael Marion Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I interviewed my grandad Michael and we talked about his greatest childhood memories, business, politics and more.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Mr. Bliss and the focus of the interview was his time in the Air Force and his family.

My Grandpa's Life Story!

This is a short clip of my grandpa's life in the military and the Fire Department.

Thanksgiving Listen

I talk to my dad about his childhood, future dreams and life in the military.

Interview Assignment

Interview with craig went well covering his life story

Interview with Grandpa

short description of events in jim’s life