Immigration Interview on Ghana

This was an interview about Dr.Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah’s experiences about being an immagrant from Ghana

The Opportunities in America

Patty Giancaterino came from a family where she was the oldest of five children and went to a high school in Columbia that was all girls. She moved to the United States for all of the opportunities it has to...

Grandma’s history

I interviewed my grandma about her life in her youth.


One question is that I asked how was you’re family tree. Also what was you’re childhood like ?

Enrique’s Interview

Enrique talked about himself. Enrique also talked about his values and explained situations

Moving here.

My mom talked about how she moved to Ventura when she was 15 from Minnesota.

oral storytelling

This parent has learned from her job experiences. She loves the career path that she has taken.

Differences between the life of a woman in the USA and the life of a woman in pos-Soviet Union countries.

What is feminism in our view. How the life of a woman in the USA differs from the life of a woman in post-Soviet Union countries. Also, about great changes in our life.

Immigrating to the USA in high school: UCLA grad tells her story
September 17, 2019 App Interview

Moving to the USA with her sister in high school faced my mom with challenges.

Interview With My Father

My father talks about the differences between China and America. He also talks about his experience as a first-generation immigrant.


Story of Immigration. Experiences in Mexico and the United States

Anne & Jay Cobb’s 60th Wedding Anniversary: Sept 2019

How Anne & Jay Cobb met, fell in love and were married 60 years ago. The qualities that they value in each other. Their advice to others for a successful marriage.

Immigration Family Interview

Jorge Cruz takes the time to talk about his experience about being an undocumented immigrant.

A Peaceful Resistance

Tony elaborates on his Vietnamese Asian-American experience and his journey with Hidden Fest, a platform for creatives to network and grow.

From Iran to Irvine: Kaytash Family Story

Kate interviews her husband Behtash about his journey from a child in Iran to becoming a father in Irvine. During the interview, you will hear sounds from their youngest son, Luca, who is 8 months old and enjoying playing in...