Marriage is a Right

Have you ever wanted to hear what a gay man wants to change in gay rights? I am Julia Grane and I am 15 years old and I interviewed my Uncle Brett over the phone about him being gay and...

Taking a walk through time

An interview with my Mother, Julie Bolton Williams, on January 1st 2020, at our home in Fort Mill, South Carolina. My Mother has brown hair with blue eyes. She was born in South Africa and has a English culture. She...

"In spite of many bumps along the road, I feel blessed in many ways."

My Poppie, who grew up in the South, recalls events from his childhood, like memories of his suburban neighborhood, his grandfather’s farm, and the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Later, he summarizes his college years, how he...

"Integrity: Down to the very detail"

I interviewed Christine DeMordaunt (my mom) and she is always been a person I look up to and want to know more about her work experience and about her mom, whom I never got to meet. Christine shares life lessons...

Holly Hampton and Catherine Manci

Holly Hampton & Catherine Manci discuss the role of Atlanta Emerging Librarians and GLA New Members Roundtable in helping them build community, leadership skills, and connections within the profession. Also, learn what drew Holly and Catherine into this profession. This...

Attitude about Death with my Grandmother

This is an interview with my grandmother about her view on death, the experience she had with it, and how she would like to go.

Interview with my Mother

In this interview I asked my mom a series of questions about the ins and outs of her life.

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked to my Dad about his childhood and joining the marines.

Vandy Beth Glenn and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall [no age given] interviews his friend Vandy Beth Glenn [no age given] about their friendship, her breakfast salons modeled after the Algonquin Roundtable, and her journey as a transgender woman who also has served in the military.

Douglas Wood and Hogai Nassery

Spouses Douglas Wood (51) and Hogai Nassery (52) talk about their lives together as a married couple. They focus on their initial meeting, navigating dating and marriage as a Muslim and a Baptist, and how both both families were initially...

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom on what her childhood was like

Story corps interview project

This interview is based on my views of death and how it has affected my family and I.

Sisters Judy and Awilda talk to their great niece, Adalia, about their childhood and family life

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Roswell, Georgia, Adalia Molina (17) interviews her two great aunts, Judy (63) and Awilda(70). Throughout the interview they discuss their childhood and relationship with their other two siblings, Maggie and Jorge. They...

911 with Betty

We talked about 911 and how it affected our country as a whole and Betty. She shared her story

The Lindner’s Life Story

Today I interviewed my dad because I think his life is very interesting and also his childhood was in a very small town. I thought that the interview was also really fun because I got to learn a lot about...

Terence Lester and Jeff Hilimire

Terence Lester (36) and his friend and mentor, Jeff Hilimire (43) talk about their non-profit work in Atlanta, Georgia, how they met, and the ways in which they inspire each other through their work.

Jim Henry and Danielle Henry – Atlanta Sit In 1960

Jim Henry was a junior at Morehouse College in February 1960 when he participated in a sit-in with other black students in Atlanta.