Protest of Activism

The protest of activism give a lot of reasons that people come to againt the government policies, and it shows the right thing to be for U.S citizens.

Living History Project

I interviewed my Aunt Edie on her experiences during the Vietnam war and her opinions she holds regarding the conflict. We discussed how she views the war, her experiences in the Moratorium March, and her experiences while visiting Vietnam.

Martha Bray and Ruth Beers

Sisters Martha Bray (64) and Ruth Beers (77) recall their childhood with two parents who were very politically active and the impact that had on their upbringing.

Monica Whatley and Bandele [no name given]

Monica Whatley (32) interviews her friend, Bandele [no name given] (73), about his incarceration in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bandele reflects on what he learned during the 33 years during which he was detained, his relationship...

Interview with Jack R Law, Part 2

Part 2 of Interview with Jack Law, founder of Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center, and the iconic Hula's Bar & Lei Stand located in Waikiki. This interview covers Jack's personal history as a young gay...

Barbara Parsons and Youlonda McCullough-Jackson

Barbara "Abbie" Parsons (76) shares a conversation with her friend, Youlonda McCullough-Jackson (51), about their experiences with the injustice in Arkansas lack of renters' rights and protections.

Interview with Fran Mills Syptak about her life and her activism. Fran was born in 1929, lived in Jordan and Germany, and is an activist.

Here is a biography of Fran, based on the interview. Interviewer comment: "I am always struck by how important people are to Fran. I think that life is all about the people she's known in her 90 years on Earth."...

Keep on keepin' on

Before joining the group Moms Demand Action, my grandmother Beverly was a nurse for over 40 years. I asked her what it was like joining the Moms group and what it was like being a nurse from the 60s to...

Her story “Herstory”- Sharon Hartley talks about her experiences in life.

In this interview, on March 10th, 2020, Sharon Hartley talks about her childhood and tells some stories that she remembers. She also touches upon many important aspects of our countries history. My grandmother (Nana) discusses topics such as college education,...

A Life in Music, Activism and Teaching

Carl Matthes (81) and Charles Luke discuss Carl’s life as a professional pianist, music teacher, and early activist for gay rights.

Activism and Climate Change – Frack Free Denton

Adam Briggle talks about his participation in Frack Free Denton, when state legislation and corporations overturned local law, and his professional opinions on national environmental policy.

Equality Through Education

Phyllis Wimberly ( My Grandmom ) spent her 40 year career as a Washington DC public school teacher integrating her AP English classes. As an activist and teacher her goal was to send kids to college that wouldn’t have otherwise...

Elaine Morgan

We talked about her childhood and transistion into adulthood and got some insight on political activism in the cold war era

Leena Fraihat and Diana Razumova

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023] Leena (20) and Diana (16) participated in the Karsh Institute of Democracy's first international One Small Step conversation. Leena is a second-year undergraduate student at UVA, and Diana is a high school student from currently...


Reverend Debra J. Hopkins, LGBTQI rights activist and interfaith organizer in North Carolina, shares her views on the importance of press freedom in the U.S. with Eline Marx, from PEN America.

Steve Desroches and Michelle Axelson

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Michelle Axelson (45) about her move to Provincetown, Massachusetts where she is known for her activism and as the owner of the historic and iconic feminist bookstore Womencrafts.

Farah Mahesri and Sabiha Basrai

Childhood friends Farah Mahesri (40) and Sabiha Basrai (40) recollect their upbringing through to their adult lives. They discuss their Muslim identities, their activism, and how those two things interconnect.

Interview with a partner

This interview contained of questions that were related to the interviewer

Earle Fisher and Faith Morris

Dr. Earle Fisher (41) interviewed by his colleague Faith Morris (64) about growing up in Benton Harbor, MI and moving to Memphis, TN on a basketball scholarship, his academic achievements and work as a pastor, civil rights issues he's passionate...