My Momma

We talked about my Mother’s life, from growing up in Linden, NJ in the 1950s and 60s to her career and motherhood.

Mason and phyllips interview

Phyllip getting a bird and his experiances with this bird

Self Image and Living through a Pandemic

I interviewed my roommate Mallory Lloyd about her life growing up in Vermont, and her understanding of being adopted. We then touched upon her life now and growing up the things she was able to experience all the way up...

Interview with Bernie Zuch by Seth Shire on April 17, 2021

We talked about Bernie Zuch’s life and experiences as a sound recordist for film and TV.

Your life

My moms relationship with my brothers mother

Thanksgiving 2017

History assignment given over Thanksgiving break asking students to participate in the Great Listen.

Two Families, One Love
December 2, 2020 App Interview

My aunt Nay Nay was adopted when she was six years old. I sat down with her for an interview to ask her about her experience with not only her biological family, but life with her adoptive family as well.

Who you are today

We talked about our adoption day and lessons learned in life.

Kelly Sloane was united with two biological sisters after 50 years of not knowing they existed.

Kelly Sloane, who was adopted, was able to find two biological sisters after not knowing they even existed. Kelly explains how it was crazy to find sisters after fifty years.

The thanksgiving thing

My grandfathers account for the great thanksgiving listen

Just My Father and I

We talked about his childhood in Boston and the struggles of being an adult

Great Uncle Joe, 90 and Full of Life

My Great Uncle Joe: "I've had a gorgeous life." After the interview, he kept going. Looking at a 60" TV, he said the first TV he bought his father-in-law was a console with a 7" screen that received a single...

Angel & Patty

I talked to my mom about her happiest and most unhappy moments with me. Also, why and if she regretted adopting me.

Interview w/ Shauna Williams

We talked mainly about being a parent, or moreso her children. She has a daughter that just recently left home and has had no communication with her since.

“April 17th is your Gotcha Day”

In this recording I, Laren Barrett, sit down in my kitchen in Egg Harbor Township, NJ on November 26, 2018 with my mom and dad as they talk about the careers they’ve had growing up and what they remember about...