Gladys Chen and John Shanley

Gladys Chen interviews her friend John Patrick Shanley about growing up in an Irish-American family in the Bronx, serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, his career as a playwright and screenwriter, and adopting his two sons.

My Mom

Get to know about my mother and I and about why adopting me was an important choice to her and my family. As well as how nurturing my brothers and I played a big role in our lives.

Partners, Babies, and Goals

Getting to know Eric’s ideal life.

Me and my mom

In this interview I talk with my mom about her life and her growing up to meeting my dad and my birth mom me.


Today i interviewed jordan about his life to learn more about him.

Michael Sullivan and Jimmy Aschkar

One Small Step partners Michael Sullivan (70) and Jimmy Aschkar (29) discuss their relationship to Wichita, the decision to become a parent, and the intersection between politics and small business.

A Peek Inside a 10 Year-Old’s Brain

Joe is your average ten-year-old third grader who loves playing video games and pranking his sister. Joe entered a chaotic family of five at two and a half days old as a foster child and was adopted at two and...

Buying? Or Adopting?

Let's talk about how you think about adopting dogs, or buying dogs. Let's adopt dogs and give them a home and a family.

Mom’s Story 2

My mom and I discuss the incident that happened in her childhood that shaped her life and parenting forever

Jam Boyden

In this interview, done on January 13, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is about Laura Sneddon who is cousins with Julianna Boyden. It tells Laura's life story from living in Germany and being adopted into a new family. About...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I spoke with my Aunt Meghan about her life and how different events have affected her.

The Importance of the Family Court System in Our Community

Judge Ashley Mills- Colborn discusses her role in the family court system and how she impacts children with toxic stress, while improving the lives of the families in our community.


Mom and I talking about the past and the future.

interview with my brother

I interview my brother, age 10, and we discuss his adoption, his family, and what he cares about the most.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019
December 5, 2019 App Interview

We talked about parenting and what my mom’s life was like and what she learned from it.

Childhood to Parenthood

Steve answers questions about his childhood, everything from early family memories to his high school prom. He talks about meeting my mom and their journey to getting married 4 months after meeting one another. Steve finishes the interview with memories...

Thanksgiving Interview #TheGreatListen2019

This is an interview with my dad, Nigel Hughes. He talks about his experiences of growing up in another country.

Katie & Tristan adopt Sirius Black

Katie, who thought she was allergic, makes an unexpected adoption while at Petsmart 

interview with grandma ticky

an interview about family and my grandmother’s life.