“Give Them Grace”

This interview is about getting to know a friends occupation and how she works and helps adopted children (specifically those with trauma in their life) and their family.

Families come in all forms

This is an interview with an adopted child and their adoptive mother about how the adoption has affected their lives.


Well we talked about her growing up. Also the people that influenced here life from a younge age

Craig Robitaille life

Craig grew up in Chicago, learning from life from a dad who served in the Korean War and he lived in a generation through the Vitenam war. We aslso discussed the adoption process of his children and the stereotyping of...

English StoryCorps Interview Project

Jean searching for her mother after 50 years of a cold case closed adoption.

Ming Triulzi talks to her mother Peggy Jane Triulzi about her experiences as a parent

My name is Ming Triulzi, I was born in Fuling China and I was adopted when I was 7 1/2 months old. This interview was recorded in the Triulzi home on January 7 of 2018 in Felton California. Ming Triulzi,...

National Adoption Awareness Month

This interview expresses the importance of adoption and the rewarding experience as it relays to Adoption Awareness for November.

Maddey O’Connell and Alex Burton talk about his Adoption journey.

In this interview, conducted in November 2016 in Elgin, IL, Maddey O’Connell (16) interviewed her friend, Alex Burton (18) about his adoption journey from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy Russia. Alex shares his family story behind his adoption and his connection to his grandfather...

Getting to know my mom, Amanda.

In this interview I got to know things about my mom I didn’t know before.

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mother about her childhood, current life, and hopes for the future.

Julie Box and Rachel Morris talk about how having an adopted member in her family has affected her and the family as a whole.

This interview was conducted face to face, and it follows a series of questions concerning Julie's opinions on how the adoption in her family affected her and her family as a whole. She answers questions about her relationship with the...

Oops, I forgot to have kids

A talk about childhood, sisters, hopes and dreams.

My dad and I

My whole adoption process was a mystery till now.

Lucy Persons and Alex Persons interview
November 30, 2021 App Interview

My dad and I talked about his experience with adoption

Thanksgiving listen with love: Loreen Emmonds

A Thanksgiving Listen with my mom. Alone for the first Thanksgiving in over 50 years due to COVID, my parents were happy to open up their kitchen for a chat. “The key thing is to love each other, be kind”....

Adoption Month 2019: Ethan Hart and his adopted sister Lilly discuss her heritage and upbringing

In honor of National Adoption Month, I interviewed my 13-year old sister Lillian Hart, who was adopted from China, about her feelings about adoption and about where she came from.