A noisy moment with Grandpa.

Trying to find a moment to talk with Grandpa amongst great grandchildren playing and Grandma cleaning up to ask some questions about life.

My family

Here with Claudia I got to learn more about here as a sister has been through some tough times but always finds the good side of things

Interview with coach

We talked about my grandfather’s life growing up and his favorite memories of his life, his children, and his grandchildren. We also talked about advice he would give to himself and others and how he would like to be remembered.

My mother
November 26, 2017 App Interview

We talked about the things about my mother’s past and the advice she would like to give me.

Bronwyn Downey Interviewing Her Father, John Downey

Bronwyn Downey, age 15, interviewing her father, John Downey, age 53, about himself, their family, and the future.

Mis Yayos – Logan Owen

I spoke with my grandparents or yayos for The Great Thanksgiving Listen in Spanish!

forrest faircloth interview

I interviewed my dad, Forrest Faircloth who is 42. My name is Ivy and i’m 15. We mostly talked about his life and his advice for future generations.

conversation with my Mom

discussing topics like traveling, life lessons, and advice for future generations.

Mom Interview

I Casey who is 21 years old interviewed my Mom Sandy who is 48 years old. we discussed how might she give me future advice about my family and how she felt watching me grow up and her overall experiences...

Interview about the life of Robert E. Malouf

This interview was conducted on November 24th 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon. In this interview, Amelia Smith (14), interviews her grandfather, Robert E. Malouf (71), about his life. Robert Malouf shares stories about his grandfather, who came to the United States...

Raluca Narita and Lucian Narita talk about life experience and coming to America

In this interview, conducted in December 3, 2017, Raluca Narita interviews her father (age 46) about his childhood, immigration to America and life experience in general. Mr. Narita speaks about life in a communist country and his career both in...

interview with Gigi

I Interviewed my great grandmother and learned so many new things about her

Take Risks

I talked to my 8th grade teacher Ms.kerr and she gave her younger self advice but also gave me advice to take risks.

Tresa Martindale’s Story

In this interview we talk about lessons that have been learned, what makes someone their best self, and life in general.

Sandy & Kara

Interview of an 18 year old girl talking to her 58 year old mom about her life.

A Conversation between a father and daughter

Basically just me asking my father a series of questions about his life.

Interviewing my Grandma

In this interview, my grandma and I talked about everything from her childhood, her accomplishments, COVID-19, and even gave me a heart-to-heart pep talk.

My mom

My name is Liam and I interviewed my mom about a couple of key questions. This included: How would she like to be remembered? What is some advice you would give your younger self? What are some of your happiest...

Interview With My Dad

My dad shared past experiences in his life and offered advice to myself as well as the rest of my family.