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Harris Newman and Patrick McNameeKing

Friends and creative juice smoothie co-blenders Patrick McNameeKing (34) and Harris Newman (34) reflect on their relationship and creative practices.

Ann Resnick and Nancy Quam

One Small Step partners Ann Resnick (68) and Nancy Quam (67) have a conversation about avoiding politics with family, the potential complexities of AI, and the experience of politics in their states.

Braeden Hunt and Daniel Lande

Braeden Hunt (18) and his mentor Daniel Lande (38) talk about how COVID-19 has affected in-person school and work life. The pair also talks about the differences between in-person and online learning and work.

Mary Pound and Charlotte Ingram

One Small Step partners Mary "Mamie" Pound (55) and Charlotte Ingram (76) discuss changes in education and issues surrounding race that are prevalent within the United States.

Diana Chu and Hung Wu Chu

My father, Hung, talks about valuable life lessons as well as the state of the world.

Rise of COVID and the use of technologies

How COVID affected daily life and how the rise of technology affected and changed peoples lives