Horacio Esparza and Fabricio Balcazar

Horacio Esparza (56) tells friend and mentor Fabricio Balcazar (59) about his life as a blind man, discovering his first blind school, and coming to the United States from Mexico.

Blindness Never Hindered Their Vision for the Future

A blind teenager interviews his legally blind Great-Aunt about their trials and triumphs in the sighted world. He asks about her past and her hopes for his future.


Alex talks about her career and what it means to be visibly impaired

Beth Finke and Iliana Genkova

Iliana Genkova (47) interviews her memoir writing teacher Beth Finke (60) about how Beth became blind in her twenties, living with a disability, and her seeing eye dog.

Malika Dahir and Jim Ramnaraine

Acquaintances Malika Dahir (42) and Jim Ramnaraine (62) talk about their political, social, and religious beliefs and backgrounds in this One Small Step conversation.

Makisha Odom and Carei Harris

Carei Harris (15) interviews her mother, Makisha Odom (36), about her degenerative eye disease that caused her blindness and the cornea transplants that restored her sight.

Dianna Willis and Judy Willis

Mother and daughter duo, Judy Willis [no age given] and Dianna Willis (50), discuss their mutual love for the outdoors, camping and hiking. The two also share their individual experiences surviving near fatal accidents.

Stanley Yarnell and Emily Smith Beitiks

Stanley Yarnell (66) talks with Emily Smith Beitiks (31) about being a physician and living with disabilities. Stanley describes where he grew up, how he became blind, training with a cane, becoming a disability advocate, experiencing job discrimination and how...