If these were the last words…

Skyler is a very nice kid and still learning how to grow and the things in life. I recorded his response to everything.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask About Living in Portland, Oregon and going to Central Catholic High School and The Korean War Draft.
September 27, 2020 App Interview

Jenny Rask: 2020-09-27 01:41:31 Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about being a part of the reg room 9 "Brains" group at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon, pets in dentist's offices..."Royce the Cockatou", college options for his family,...

Maddy Shearer Interviews Thomas Shearer about Heroes, a Pandemic, and Being a Teenager in a Digital Age.

In this interview, recorded on the 28th of November, 2021 in Flower Mound, Texas, Madeleine (Maddy) Shearer (15) interviews her little brother Thomas Shearer (13) about the intricate issues of the world they live in, as well as heroes, dishonest...

Jose and brother, Javier, talk about Javier growing up in the United States from Mexican immigrant parents.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Jose interviews older brother, Javier, about his upbringing in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. Javier shares stories about his childhood and teenage years in the city of Chicago. He...

Catching Up With My Brother

I came home for Thanksgiving and got to catch up with my little brother.

Interview with my brother
November 28, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview with my oldest brother. He is 15 years old.

Young but wise

I decided to interview my older brother. I asked him more persona questions to get a sense of a deeper him.

Interview with My Grandad

I interviewed my grandfather about his life experiences. We discussed his entire life and his hardships throughout. I learned a lot more than I previously knew about my grandfather.

Interview with Tanner

This interview is discussing the old Earth theory and a passion for the game of soccer.

Interviewing Joshua Goff

Interviewing my younger brother about his life and what’s made him into the great man he is today.

The Memorable Moments of Donald Cabana

Donald Cabana is 45 years old and lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina. He has a wife, three daughters, two dogs, and one cat. He owns his own dental practice in Tega Cay, South Carolina. He was born and raised...

Thanksgiving Listen: My older brother shares memorable stories and lessons.

I asked my brother many questions about his past. He shares many interesting stories and lessons.

StoryCorps Project

We talked about how he would like to be remembered and some of the things that he is passionate about.

interview with my brother

an interview with my older brother

My fathers story

This is my dads life and what he was like as a child. Also what his life is like now and some memories of me.

The adventures of my dad – Nileshkumar Patel

We talked about my dads life in India. He described various things in India like how his brother viewed him as or why he chose the career he chose. He also showed me the hardhips/challenges of his transition to America....

My Mom’s Life In Korea

This recording is about how a normal day in Korea would go and what differences we had back then and now.

Interviewing My Mother

My name is Adrian Tavarez, age 17. Today I was interviewing my mother who I hold so dear to me.I chose my mother cause I was really curious about her childhood and the emotions she had felt back then.I was...

Mitch and Brad interview, Storytelling assignment

Interview between brothers, a story of a childhood from two perspectives

Uncle Johnny talks about my mom

My Uncle Johnny shared stories about my mom as part of a surprise gift collection of family stories.