Talking about camping with Braiden bud

Impromptu interview sparked by a conversation in the camper

Love, Life, and the Value of Family

I sit down with my grandpa, Dale Morris, age 84, and learn a bit about love, life, and the value of family.

A trailer that almost reached 50 states

Grandfather Kimball Gillis tells about his travels, camping trips, and outdoor activities which he has continued on with his family.

Interviewing my mother

I have asked questions to my mother and received short and funny answers.

Steve Sparr interview #2

Steve is growing up rather quickly and the world is turning faster than ever before. With the help of a special 2nd grade teacher he has skipped ahead in grades and has been exploring his strengths and interests. The 60s...

Mary Whitworth and Wanda "Jean" Johnson

Mary Whitworth (64) shares a conversation with her mother, Wanda “Jean” Johnson [no age given], who is experiencing memory loss, about Jean’s upbringing and their favorite memories together as a family.

Marjorie Turnbull and Sunny Phillips

Marjorie Turnbull [no age given] interviews her friend Sunny Phillips [no age given] about her childhood, her experiences camping and bird watching, and her careers in teaching and state government.

Memories of Camping

We talked about one of Alan’s memories of camping.

family, past, and future.

family history, moving around a lot, camping with no food, olympic grandfathers, infatuation with cars, respectful legacy.

Diane Begala and Jean Friday

Diane Begala (60) interviews her mother, Jean Friday (84), about her early childhood growing up on a farm, the adventures of being a military wife, and finally, what it was like to be whisked away from Texas by her children...

Bob Blevins, John Blevins, and Leigh Ann Joyce

John Blevins, 44, and his sister Leigh Ann Joyce, 50, interview their father Bob Blevins, 80, in honor of his 80th birthday celebration.

Michael Anderson and Margaret Jackson

One Small Step participants Michael Anderson (59) and Margaret Jackson [no age given] discuss their respective upbringings in the Wichita and Boston area, their love of the outdoors and the countryside, and how they wish politicians would listen to everyday...

First time at Dillon Dam State Park

Asking our parents about the first time our extended families got together for what became an annual summer camp out.

The Zimbabwe Ruins and family camp outs

My Dad talks about the Zimbabwe ruins and some family camping trips.

Favorite Shared Memories – Jim Larsen and Richard Deditius

Wind River, Wyoming Boy Scout Mountain Man Annual Hike; Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman, Jack Rabbit Hunting in Wyoming, Lynn Canal, Alaska camping

Andrew Hersey and Willis Jackson

One Small Step conversation partners Andrew Hersey (63) and Willis Jackson (77) discuss about politics.

Nan Gleason and Kathy O’Malley

Nan Gleason (82) was interviewed by her friend Kathy A O'Malley (82) about raising her daughter that had a cognitive disability and passed away in 2021.

Andrew Munoz and David Munoz

Brothers Andrew Munoz (51) and David Munoz (54) recall their family's tradition of camping and hiking trips in the summertime and the impact these travels had on them.