Coming to America

This is the story of what caused my Aunt to move from London, England to Fort Worth, Texas.

A Sunday with Sal

During my interview with pap, we talked about his childhood growing up on the farm. We also touched on his life in the military, how he met his wife, his career, and raising his kids.

Cassandra and Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan

Cassandra asks her father, Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan, a few questions about his experience as a Mexican immigrant in the U.S., some stories about her mother/his wife, and other such subjects about his life that she didn't completely know about before.


I interviewed Parker Snowe at MPFS for grandparents and special friends day. I asked him questions about his personal life, including his favorite memories and people.

Interview with Abu

We spoke mostly about his career, his mother, and the key lesson in his life: kindness. He spoke a great deal about how multiple people, including strangers his mother, and people in higher positions than him taught him the value...

Laurtis and Maya

Student interviewing a manager of a pediatrician’s office.

Gracie Barrett and Linda Brady talk about Linda’s childhood in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

In this interview on November 25, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi, Gracie Barrett interviews Linda Brady, her grandmother, about growing up in the South. Her grandmother talks about what she is most grateful for in life and how she hopes she...

Interviewing my mom

We have talked about her career and past

McKenna Rowland & Paula Dehart

My aunt and I talked about our past and memories with each other.

Lessons Learned

A discussion about lessons learned and how it has affected careers.

Story Corps

We talked about my dad’s work career. We also talked about my dad’s childhood.

Maya O’Neill interviews her dad, Michael O’Neill, about growing up and lessons he has learned from his career.

This interview took place on November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Maya O’Neill, a junior in high school, talks with her father, Michael O’Neill, who is currently a lawyer for his own firm. Maya asks her father about his childhood,...

Family interview
February 20, 2018 App Interview

Family interview about my father (panagos) career path.

Family Interview

This interview discusses my mother’s career and how her work has impacted her life.

Future career

An interview about future career

Johanna Quizel tells about the specifics of a career in elementary education.

A career in Elementary education is considered as one of the mainly satisfying careers in education today. When one educate elementary-aged children or anyone work at an elementary school in any number of extra elementary education jobs, you get the...

Life Lessons From Sister

My oldest sister Mariah and I discuss the paths she has chosen to take and how those have effected her and played a role in her life.