Changing careers

Changing careers, memories of school


This interview talks about the life of a person who has influenced me the most in recent years and all the virtues and not so great things about life.


Francesca Lopez interviews her classmate Cesar Estrada and a scenario that would occur in his field of study/career.

Melissa Del-Colle and Lori Motola

Melissa talked about discovering who she *really is later in life, shifting her priorities to exclude the expectations of others, the correlation between value and joy and the role higher education plays in our ability or inability to figure out...

Jonas Boughter and Joanne Gigliotti

Jonas Boughter (18) talks to his grandmother Joanne Gigliotti (75) about her career as an artist.

Mark discusses his job as a banquet chef with myself, Jessica. He explains why he chose his career and parts of his life.

I spoke with my co-worker Mark Macfee for my StoryCorps interview. We recorded in Clifton Park, NY. I asked him questions about his career, dreams and his life in general.

Luke interview his Mom(Chrissy)

Luke, age 14, interviews his Mom on life, career, and relationships.

Interviewing My Wife For School

We discussed my wife's family, her work experience, and her thoughts on COVID.

Andrea Oakes

We discussed her career

StoryCorps Project

In this interview we talked about my grandmothers childhood and what she wanted to be when she growed up.

Keep going

Talking with my aunt about her life as a kid and her career.

James St. John and Susan St. John

Susan St. John (52) discusses her career and being a mother with her son James St. John (18).

Winter final

My father have talked about his career and his goals that he accomplished. He also talked about his love for God.

Stephanie and Marina Henderson talk about past jobs and careers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Marina Henderson (15) talks to her mom Stephanie Henderson (42) about Stephanie’s past careers. Stephanie shares some stories and insight about occupations in the medical field as well as...

Vener Aguirre Irinco – An American Dream

In this interview Veneranda Aguirre Irinco reflects on her immigration story and the foundation of her family, her professional life, the influence of others, and the wisdom she’d like to leave to future generations.

thanksgiving break 2021. avarie and jason degrave

this is an interview asking my dad about his past, his career and past jobs

Interview with dad

My dad and I shared a couple minutes together to talk about his life. He’s learned a lot of important lessons in life, and it was really cool to talk about them and learn from him.

StoryCorps Interview about Socialization and Family

I interviewed my mom, Lori McIlroy. She begins by discussing someone who had a big impact on her life. Next, she goes on to talk about her family dynamic growing up, parenting, and her career choices.

Tony Bancroft

Tony Bancroft, a Marine fighter pilot, talked to our history campers about his military experiences.

Steve Clem and Mitch Clem

Brothers Steve Clem (68) and Mitch Clem (58) talk about their childhood, family genealogy, and Steve's career in radio broadcasting.

Iva Allen Interviews Greg Allen About What Shaped His Career As A Community Organizer Through Landscape Architecture

In this interview, Greg Allen identifies the event that helped him decide to be more active in community organization throughout his career as a landscape architect.

A Reflection On My Mother’s Ballet Career

I have a quick conversation with my mother about her life as a ballerina. We speak about how it all started and how it all ended and as well as a few other interesting details.