StoryCorps Project

In this interview we talked about my grandmothers childhood and what she wanted to be when she growed up.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my dad

We talked about the different careers people in my family have held and my dads career. We also talked about family life.

Interview with Helen about her current job and what she plans to do for her career in the coming year.

During the interview with Helen we talked about her current job and how she feels about it and what she plans to do in the future

Andrea Oakes

We discussed her career

Living a great life

I forgot to mention the movies I did I loved it about 20 movies and commercials and meet everyone in the business

FYS Interview about the theme of careers with Candice Steele by Adam Bailes

I interviewed Candice Steele for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's book...

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Talking with my aunt about her life as a kid and her career.

StoryCorps Interview about Socialization and Family

I interviewed my mom, Lori McIlroy. She begins by discussing someone who had a big impact on her life. Next, she goes on to talk about her family dynamic growing up, parenting, and her career choices.

Grace interview

We talked about her aspirations and dreams from when she was a child. We also talked about what she does for work now and what she dreams of doing.

Love is a Choice

Erika’s mother talks about the importance of love through many different aspects in her life.

The career of Andy More

An interview with my dad about his career and how he got to where he is. This covers his experiences and his job. He goes in depth about what his role is at his job and how he built his...

Interviewing My Wife For School

We discussed my wife's family, her work experience, and her thoughts on COVID.

Carolyn Hinsey Interview

I talk with my aunt about various questions ranging from her job to her childhood memories.

James St. John and Susan St. John

Susan St. John (52) discusses her career and being a mother with her son James St. John (18).

Robert Jelks and Barb Chapman Talk About Life, Faith, Career, and Legacy

 Bob Jelks (76) talks with his friend Barb Chapman (48) about his childhood, influences in his life, faith, how he started his career, and some good advice for those who listen!

Interpersonal Communication

From discussing childhood to present day memories we take a listen to happy times as well as troubling events. There are no right answers as everyones path is different yet all share emotion to memories.

Interview – By Austin T

I interviewed my mother, and asked her about various things regarding her life.