Students of Color

Students of color and how society forces people to assimilate at a young age. How education shapes ones mindset.

Educational injustice in El Paso Tx

Educational injustice is still a real issue here in the U.S. and while many people choose to ignore it, the ones who are affected by it most are students who are not given the chance to speak up for themselves.

How has the coronavirus pandemic influenced University Students: an introspective look through the lens of a VCU Student

The discussion pertained to how universities are handling the coronavirus pandemic and how students are being handled as a result.

Dr Adea Kelly

An interview with Dr Adea Kelly on her goals and motivation.

A person in the dark!

My grandmother not forwarding her education because she couldn’t.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

An interview that explains and give the listener a clear perspective on how an immigrants life changed into something beautiful

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This was my mom explaining important things in her life.

Bachu Hirani: The Resilient Journey to Cross Continents

I interviewed Bachu Hirani, my grandfather on December 30, 2019 in Fort Mill, South Carolina. For this interview, I chose someone who had an impact on not only our lives as part of his family but also thousands of people...

Scottie, Rostell, & Queen Tylerite Interview

This interview covers the impact of my grandparents have had on Tyler, Texas.

Community, Education, and State Pride

I interviewed my former high school English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Salfia, about her views on community during COVID-19, the educational system, and her passion for her state.

Virtual Reality in Education

An interview about virtual reality in education with elementary and middle school student.

Education and Technology
November 28, 2018 App Interview

I speak with my Aunt about her Education, having received one in Morocco, Italy, and the United States. We discuss why their education systems are so different and the possible factors that cause this, including social expectations, student life, and...

Change in education

A discussion with my father on how state laws have changed his work in public schools

Two Generations of Educators, Joe Martinez and Debbie Malestein

Starting with a discussion of my mom’s childhood, we discussed her path to a career in education and the experiences she’s had along the way. The title derives from the idea that my experiences in school and through watching my...