A talk with dear old Dad

Talking about my dad’s childhood in Southern California and a little bit about me growing up as an only child.

Anna, age 9

Mom and daughter discuss favorites and memories.

Madeleine and AJ

A short conversation between a father and daughter. I apologize we are weird.

Keisha and Kennedy

I ask my mom some questions about her life

love you mom

December 1, 2017 in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. Mom, Tina Hoang, tells daughter, Anna Hoang, about her outlooks on life, different stories, and what family means to her.

Jean’s Story

I interviewed my grandma, Jean Doyle about her childhood, growing up, and her marriage. We talk about where she grew up, relationship advice, and raising her children.

My Dad and I

I asked my dad about his life, his memories, his regrets, and of course how he met my mom. 🙂

The life in the shoes of Kevin Swenson

Kevin just told someone memories of his life. He also told me a little family history.

Growing Up in Chicago

This interview was conducted November 26, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Natalia Beltran (16) interviewed her mom, Erica Avila (36) about her childhood in Humboldt Park and how living in such a troubled neighborhood shaped her into the woman she is...

Digging deeper

I find out a little bit more about my father and finally get to sit down with him and talk one on one.

Laurie Ann Wilson

I interviewed my mom Laurie Ann Wilson in Boise, ID. Sitting under the trees in the middle of the summer enjoying life and strawberry wine. Telling stories in my brother Kimo’s backyard.

Interview with Maria Morier

We talked about communism, what her life has been like and what she desires her future grandchildren will know about her.

Introvert Turns Extrovert

This interview takes place in York, Pennsylvania. It is conducted by Matthew Saylor (14), who interviews Karen Goldstein (66) about her life. Karen tells Mathew about her life as a kid, and how she was introverted and moved around a...

The Story of Jeannette

This is the story of Jeannette. Jeannette discusses her dreams and aspirations for the future, The people who affected her and who means the most to her. We discuss her perspective on life and what she wishes she could change....

Interview – Rhi and Me

Rhi, who is my daughter, talks about her research on her family history and about living with Aspergers.

Interview with Mom

We talked about what it was like for my mom growing up the oldest of 11 children in the Upper Midwest, about my mom’s religion/spirituality (Catholicism), and about my mom’s parenting of me and my three older sisters.

Daughter Talks to Dad About Family Life

Daughter and dad talks about their life together.