Trinity Stump interviews her Father (John Stump)

Trinity Stump (17) interviews her Dad John Stump (51) in Neosho, Missouri on Dec. 2021 They discuss past memories, his childhood, and their ancestors.

3rd Generation Jamaican in Britain

I interviewed my friend Neicia who I admire a lot because she is an extremely successful woman, and she has faced a lot of struggles to be where she is incluiding, discrimination from her own community. She once told me...

Interviewing My Mother
September 1, 2022 App Interview

Ashly morales, (19) Mayra Venegas, (43) Daughter and Mother Interview…

Sumayya’s Interview :)

We talked about how my uncle has struggled in his life and his goals career and his family issues

How being a father changed you

16 year old Kira Kolmetsky interviews her father, Kevin Kolmetsky in Pine Hill, New jersey. He is a carpenter in the Union and never really had a plan growing up. When he found out he was having a daughter, he...

Joan and Nicole

Daughter interviewing mother on life. Talking about the toughest times to favorite times.

Laura DeWitt and Scott Mathis

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Mathis (78) and Laura DeWitt (45) talk about the meaning of conservative and liberal, and explore life histories.

Joe Marra and Landon Reid

One Small Step conversation partners Joe Marra (57) and Landon Reid (50) talk about how important their parents were to their development, the joys of both having a 5 year old and how to make some politics a win-win situation.

Afternoon Chats

One of my favorite things to do after school is sit down with my dad and talk. This chat was a little awkward, as it was my first time recording it, but my dad and I always have some interesting...

"I love you, dad."

A conversation between Faith and Ralph about their father/daughter relationship

love you mom

December 1, 2017 in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. Mom, Tina Hoang, tells daughter, Anna Hoang, about her outlooks on life, different stories, and what family means to her.

Leona 3

Interviewing my daughter Leona when she is 3

Moms interview

My mom summarized her life story from her childhood to her teenage years. She talks about what she had to leave back when she made the choice of going to the U.S from Mexico.

Joni and Ellyse Anderson

This story is about what my mom is most grateful for.

Marylu y Jenny Botello

Daughter asks her mother about her different experiences in the process of immigrating to States from Mexico.

Maria Rosario Castillo Keller 2018

A mother and daughter conversation about moving to the United States from Peru, relationships, the difference in cultures, and stories from growing up.

Dennis Murphy and Liv Murphy

Dennis Murphy (53) and daughter Olivia "Liv" Murphy (18) discuss Liv's high school and college experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her plans for the future.

Dad Opens Up About His Life and the Creative Process

Mark Rodriguez (48) talks to his daughter, Aurora Rodriguez (17), about his love for music and what his life was like when he was growing up. He also discusses his views on the creative process.

Laurie Ann Wilson

I interviewed my mom Laurie Ann Wilson in Boise, ID. Sitting under the trees in the middle of the summer enjoying life and strawberry wine. Telling stories in my brother Kimo's backyard.