Paul Morrissey talks about his life.

This is a interview was on November 23, 2017, with Paul Morrissey and his nephew. Paul Morrissey talks about his childhood and further into the future about his several business and busines partners.

Thanksgiving interview

On thanksgiving I sat down with my grandmother and asked her some questions I wanted to know about my father. He passed away on June 9 2018. It’s hard for me to talk about him so I hope this helps...

Remembering Enda through my lenses

This interview is to explain how i rennet my grandmother Edna.

Abby Huntress and Lia Nakabayashi

We discussed the impact of death. We also talked about the impact society has on how we react.

Susan and Carly Cote

On Christmas Eve 2019, my was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her diagnosis explained her increasing forgetfulness and issues with word retrieval, but asked many questions about her life, death, and almost everything in between. My mom worked as a...

The great thanksgiving listen by Emily Tillack

Angel is 19 and has been through a lot during her child hood

Grandpa Interview

In this interview, conducted in Andover, MN, Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandpa, Bob Houska (84) about his life growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Bob talks about his favorite hobbies as a child during the Great...

The Great Thanksgiving listen

My mother talked about her different life experience and how they shaped her into the person she is today

American History 1

In this interview Lauren and I talked about her childhood and what has impacted her the most. We also discussed the way I was seen through her eyes.

Soc 110

I am interviewing my roommate, Karen about her life and religious views.

Grief & the Pandemic

Grief and the Pandemic is about my experience with having to sit in the grief of racism, sickness, anxiety and death in the past year.

“Father’s Death Shaped My Friend to the Person She Is Now”

Two close friends, since childhood, catch up on Thanksgiving break and discuss the great memories they had with each other. A junior from Egg Harbor Township High School, Katrina Cabinian, interviews her close friend, Maxene Modesto. The interview was conducted...

My nana’s experience with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr

I ask my grandmother question about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

Death in the South #GSUDDLF19

We talk about how my friend, Harley, deals with death living in the South.

Lily Curtis The Great Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview, we talked about my father's childhood and in particular his parents who passed away when he was young. We also talked about his older sisters and how his perspective has changed overtime.

StoryCorps interview SOC 110

I interviewed my roommate and dear friend Oliver Cazden. During the interview we discussed his relationship to his older brother Craig’s death and it’s impact upon him.

Interview with Mackenzie Trocke about the death of a loved one.

This interview is about the loss of Mackenzie grandma Marsha.

Thinking of Mom: Dream Reflections

Reflecting on a very short and loving dream, thinking of life and a dearly departed mother.

Max F.

SOC 110 death interview with Max F. We discussed his personal life and view of death.

Lorrianne Green talks to her granddaughter about Growing up in the Depression era

On November 23, 2017 Leah Hall Interviews her grandma Lorrianne Green about her life. Lorrianne explains to Leah what it was like growing up African American in the Great Depression era. And how it affected her family and her life....

A greater insight to my family

I talk with my father of my childhood and his and how they compare. He spoke to me of his past and his current worries and what he is grateful for today.

Best Buds for Life

How to face depressing times especially with death.