Discrimination of Deaf People in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico

I interviewed my aunt that is part of the deaf community, as she herself is deaf, also an active member of organizations that help support other deaf people, and also a sign language teacher for young children. I asked her...

Anna Manchester- Interview about Dayana who immigrated to the United States from Uruguay.

In this interview, I interviewed a family friend, Dayana, who immigrated to the United States from Uruguay. She discusses the process of moving here, why her family moved here, the challenges she faced, and how she feels about it now.

Sandra’s Encounter

My Grandmother talkes about her experiences with segregation, discrimination, voting rights and education during her teenage years and childhood.

Interviewing Herbert Low
November 24, 2017 App Interview

My grandpa, Herbert Low, tells me about his experience growing up in China, and moving to America in the 50's

Experiences with Social Injustices as a Woman of Color

In this interview, religious studies professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Cemelli de Aztlan details her experiences with racism and sexism in higher education and in life.

Ethnic Interview on my mother

Her parents being treated differently gave her a new outlook on life and hopes that we can further forward to a day without racism.

Priscila Carrillo interviews her mom about the racial discrimination in the work environment.

In this audio, I interview my mom (48), Teresa Solano about the discrimination she experienced in her past work environments.

Today's America. Alex and Jason: about drugs, prison, discrimination, family, and much more. 04/12/2021

Alex talks with a co-worker - Jason, about drugs, prison, discrimination, family, and much more. This conversation took place in Wilmington, Delaware 04/13/2021

Language Butcherer

This is an interview with my mom, a mainly spanish-speaker, about how her accent has been perceived while living in the United States.

Carolyn Davis with Jillian Danto for Stonewall OutLoud

Carolyn tells Jill about growing up on the South and West Sides of Chicago, knowing she was gay at 9 years old, and coming out on the last day of college. She describes her past relationships with women, the strong...

Hugo van Waardenburg and Frank van Waardenburg

Frank age 98 on Providence Hospice, of Dutch Indonesian heritage born in east Indies shares reflections with his son Frank who lives with his father about serving in the Dutch Indonesian army and being a prisoner of war for three...

100 years of discrimination
November 28, 2018 App Interview

A story of how my 100 year old grandma experienced anti-semitism and discrimination as she moved throughout the United States and the world.

Islamophobia and How We Are Perceived: An Interview with My Brother

In this interview, I talk about being half-Turkish with my younger brother, and how people perceive us both.

Lucy Elam and Lindsey Scott for Stonewall OutLoud

Lucy tells Lindsey about growing up in Bloomington, Indiana, coming to terms with her sexuality, finding a lesbian community in college, facing discrimination at work, and campaigning for LGBT rights in the workplace. She also asks Lindsey about the concept...

Interview with Carla
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Personal view while experiencing some kind of discrimination #discrimination #diversity #personalimpact #thegreatlisten

Doin your mam

One boy named Brandon interviewed his classmate Jeremiah about how many time he had accused him of saying a very bad word, the “n” word. Poggers Funny Guy.

Donald Cole and Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson (71) interviews his friend and colleague, Dr. Donald Cole (70), about his experience as part of the Ole Miss Eight, a group of eight students who were expelled from the University of Mississippi for protesting racial inequality.

My Tata interview

Life growing up in La Calonia and Oxnard in the 1960s and 70s, dealing with discrimination, and putting family 1#


Valeria Torres talks about her arrival in the United States and about the expectations and stereotypes of Hispanic people