Conversation about immigrating to New Zealand from England in 1952.

Vijai Singh and Richa Singh

Vijai Singh (65) is interviewed by his daughter Richa Singh (34) about his life growing up in India and immigrating to the United States.

Peeling potatoes with Poppy

In this recording, Emelia at Washington junior high the infield, Arkansas, record an audio file for StoryCorps. Emelia is in seventh grade. This recording includes funny stories about are family. My grandpa and I are peeling potatoes in the interview...

Diana Chu and Hung Wu Chu

My father, Hung, talks about valuable life lessons as well as the state of the world.

The Future

This summary is about a young Bahamian engineer planning on making a difference in the country

High School Engineering Teacher/Dad Talks Covid and Technology

I interviewed my dad who teaches engineering and architecture in high school about his experience with technology throughout his life and how it’s impact on future generations can lead to great things. We discussed in detail how covid has impacted...

FYS Interview about the theme of legacy with David Cartwright “The Life of Occupation” by Ye Lin
November 15, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed David Cartwright for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's book...

Interview with Pedro

In this interview Pedro was asked to answer questions about his career connected to the philosophy readings.

How did you gain the skills to become an engineer?

In this interview, conducted in November 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California, Ivan Cervantes (16) interviews his dad, Ramiro Cervantes (41), about the progress of his career as a current Senior Field Service Engineer. Mr. Cervantes first discusses his current...

Chris Wheeler and Douglas Nicholls

Chris Wheeler (46) talks with his friend, the Mayor of Yuma, Douglas Nicholls (48) about their shared proclivities for the sciences but how they reconcile their creativity within the analytical sector. They talk about growing up in Yuma and what...

Jacqueline Donovan and Matthew Grosser

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Donovan (30) and Matthew Grosser (27) talk about the current state of the world due to the pandemic and social justice activism, their relationship to landscape architecture and the collective they're both a part of, and flesh...

Wolfgang Lauck and Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis (61) has a conversation with her father, Wolfgang Lauck (94), about his growing up in Germany during World War II and immigrating to the United States.

Gary Odehnal engineering career interview

Gary discusses his professional career as a civil and forestry engineer in Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado. He reflects on projects that were especially significant for him -- local parks, bike trails, and recreation areas where he can see children and...

Archana Anandakrishnan, Muni Anandakrishnan, and Jayalakshmi Anandakrishnan

Archana Anandakrishnan (28) interviews her grandparents Dr. Muni Anandakrishnan (93) and Jayalakshmi Anandakrishnan [no age given] about the role education played in developing Muni's career as a professor and a diplomat.

Edward Kinner and Beverly Kinner

Spouses Beverly Kinner [no age given] and Edward Kinner [no age given] talk about their involvement in the Columbus, GA community. While Edward describes the work he did on the Columbus Riverfront and Whitewater Project, Beverly shares her experiences volunteering...

An Honorable Pakistani-American Engineer Life

Basically, I interview my 50 year old father who had travelled to America from Pakistan through striving for success and excelling in academics in Pakistan attending the top Engineering school there. He gives important lessons on how one can achieve...

Women of the Elevator Industry: Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman

In celebration of International Women's Day, Schindler Elevator Corporation interviewed female employees that paved the way for women in the industry. In this conversation, Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman discuss how mentorship has played a role throughout their careers.

Alex Zecevic and Ahmed Amer

Friends and colleagues Alex Zecevic (61) and Ahmed Amer [no age given] talk about their faith journeys, their lives as professors, and their reflections on the tensions between religion and science.

Dennis Gilliam and David Riek

Dennis Gilliam (66) talks to his friend David "Dave" Riek (61) about memories he has being raised in a "railroad family," how he got involved with engineering at a young age, and memories he has from high school, both in...

Life of Gary Schmidt as he travels around the world.

Gary Schmidt (68) is interviewed by Matthew Schulze (15) about his life and travel around the world. Gary speaks about his life and how he was impacted by the freedom he was given. He also embraces his son and what...