Interview with Juan Valdes

Interview with my dad about his amazing experiences and moments and wisdom shared with me.

Gene Ochsendorf Part III

Continued conversations with Gene Ochsendorf (69). Alaska, Steubenville, WV, & more.

Dad/Rick Lawrence

So we talked about my father’s life in respect to beliefs and about some people who were influential along the way, as well as our relationship and his thoughts about me as a stay at home dad.


We talked about my dad growing up, and how life was like in his home town. We also talked about how I was like as a baby and growing up.

AFES Thanksgiving Listen

Reflecting on life, grandkids, and 3 boys, all makes you thankful for the life you have now.

storytelling assignment

We talked about my dad’s life. We also talked about our father-daughter relationship.

Michael Quartieri

In this recording, Jessica Quartieri from Henderson, NV records her father, Michael Quartieri, on November 26, 2017.

Destiny York interviews her best friend (Her father).

In this interview, recorded in Neosho, Missouri on November 12, 2021 in the home of Destiny (16) and her Dad Levi York (35) talk about how he met Destiny’s mom. They met in a school for troubled kids. They were...

interviewing grandpa

I decided to interview my grandfather who was born and raised in india about his childhood and fatherhood memories, as well as what he has learned from his experiences throughout his life.

About My Father

This is a interview about my father and what his life looked like when he was growing up.

The life of a father who lost his father

A story of a father telling his daughter about the hardest time of his life: when his father took his own life

Franny Christmas 2016

Frank Coyne interviews his dad (Francis X. Coyne) on his reflections of 74 years and what it was like to grow up in a large Irish Catholic family in Philadelphia, and what's made him who he is today.

Interview with Dad – Amra Seferovic

We briefly talked about his life and what it was like. We also talked about his experiences and how he has learned from them. The person in the picture is my brother, Amar (18).

Father’s Experience coming to the U.S

My Father's life experiences coming to the U.S, struggles he has had coming here and the life he left behind to come to the U.S and why he crossed over. How life is in Mexico for him at a young...

Recounting the Past, Present, and Future (Pt. 2)

Christopher Schmid and his father share stories and recount the past

On Being Daddy— How To Become A Great Father When You Have A Bad One

A summary of the life of Glen Warn—his childhood, travels, struggles, triumps, work life, love life, and advice for his future generations.

Retired Police Officer Reflects on His Life Choices

Edwin Seiner, a retired policeman of 30 years, is asked questions regarding his childhood and how his past experiences influenced his life choices.

Oral History Report

My father and I talked about his life and development while also discussing my future.

Mi Padre

My father's life lessons and how he wants to be remembered as a great husband and father.

Remembering Him

My dad reflects on how he felt after he heard his father died.

A Life of Service, My Father’s Story

My father speaks of his early life before joining the marine corps and later navy, describing his 26 year long career serving the United States

My Dad in 30 Minutes

In this interview, my dad, Willie Galon, discusses his experiences with the transition of becoming an adult, and goes on to elaborate on the comparisons between his childhood and where he is currently.

Music with Dad by Maeve Oliver

Maeve Oliver talks to her father John Oliver about how music has changed in his lifetime.

Me interviewing my Dad

This interview with my dad actually was kind of more casual then I thought it would’ve been and I really appreciate that he had this conversation with me