History extra credit
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Summary of childhood, life lessons, and evolution.

Interviewing Dad

Dad and I chatted about his life, upbringing and experiences. As all dads do, he also passed on some valuable life advice and wisdom with me.

Dani Faltraco interviews her father Peter Faltraco about growing up, raising a family, and a few things in between.

On January 5, 2020, Danielle Faltraco (16) interviewed her father Peter. They talk about his childhood in Belleville, NJ, working at a car dealership, and being a father and granddad. He talks about some of his old hobbies such as...

My Father

Hearing my father’s stories and experiences with special people in his life and special events that led to who he is today.

Pierce Guthrie and Jonathon Guthrie

Pierce Guthrie (18) interviews his father Jonathon Guthrie (48).

Dad about Katy

I asked my mom questions about my older sister, Katy. I will be giving her this for her 37th birthday.

The life of my father

I learned a lot from my father how he grew up and the goal he has for his kids

An interview with my father

My father and I discuss his life growing up. We also discuss his proudest moments.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke primarily about his life, and his role as a parent.

An Interview With My Dad

Today I will be interviewing my own father. We are very different but at the end we just got to know each other a little more.

My Father’s Thoughts

Hayley Lin interviews her father, Mark Lin, and asks him about his thoughts on himself and her. They talked about topics that they would never bring up.

The Best of Bruce (Full Interview)

Bruce, my step-dad, and I discuss some life lessons, experiences, and obstacles as a father with lots to share.

Jeff Close Interview #2

We talked about his life when he met my mom, and when he was a little kid.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked of my fathers past and how he came into this country. We also talked about fatherhood and me as a child. I asked him a total of 14 questions

A Man in Brief

A girlfriend interviews her boyfriend about his deceased father, strict mother, and their own relationship.

Th Great Thanksgiving Listen-Brandon Singh & Roger Singh

In this interview, Conducted on December 1st, 2019 In Chicago,IL, Brandon Singh(18) interviews his loving father, Roger Singh(51) about what his life is today, and what has made him who he is. Remembering his favorite childhood memory of basketball, when...