Mostly talked about childhood and marriage - how he met my grandmother. Additionally we talked about his dreams as a kid.

Father’s life

Getting to know about my father’s life as a child growing into adulthood and more. Deep memories of the location he lived. I have learned a lot and is curious for more.

Youssouf and Farah

I was interviewing my dad about his life and how he grow up

Dad and Ciarra

We talked about my childhood. We also talked about how different me and my little sister are.

Interview with Dad

An interview of my father and I discussing his memories of me, and his memories of his own life.

Dada – Life story of my father

This interview is with my father, my inspiration and idol! The journey from a poor farm laborer to making his son an IITan.

Interview with dad

In the interview with my dad we talked mostly about his childhood, what his parents jobs were, the people he misses most, etc.

Interview with dad
November 5, 2021 App Interview

Went over on accident bc my dad loves to talk lol

Interview With My Dad

In this interview I spoke with my dad on his journey through life as a serviceman, father, and human being.

Interview With Dad

My dad and I went from talking about his job in a movie theatre to having a conversation about how much we mean to each other. The interview was full of learning and loving.


“I would like to be remembered as an honorable man”

The Story of Becoming a Father

Robby Moro interviewed by his youngest son Will about what it was like to become a father. Robby expresses his thoughts on becoming a new father and what the birth of his first born was like.

Jose Avalos in LA

The background story of my father. How it was like in El Salvador and in Los Angeles.

Diving deeper into my roommates life.

We discussed her fathers low income growing up and how that prompted him to make a life for himself. We also talked about her favorite childhood memories of getting up on a wake board as well as advice she has...

Matthew Palmer interviews father John Palmer about childhood and past experiences.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Matthew Palmer (17) interviews his father John Palmer (54) about his childhood, teenage, and college years. John tells about Christmas with his mother. He also shares what his first...

Vince Traylor. Husband and father, shares his story and the takeaways from his life experiences.

This interview was conducted in December 2021 in Princeton, New Jersey. Emma Traylor (18) interviews her father, Vince Traylor (60) about his life course. Vince shares his story of growing up in Ohio and later moving to New Jersey. We...

Theo and Greyson
September 7, 2020 App Interview

A first interview of the Duran family.

On Parents and Partnership

David recounts the odd circumstances of his childhood to his daughter, Laura, and they discuss the topics of parenthood and commitment.

RMC Interview

I asked my youngest daughter (4) about her feelings. It was an amazing experience!