MJKipp On A Sunny Day

Two questions about Merlin Kipp (83) growing up. Fishing, freedom, reminiscing.

6,000 Miles to Freedom

It took about 2 years and 6,000 miles to experience any form of freedom for the first time. On January 5, 2020, 15 year old Kian Salehi asks his mother, Nini Salehi, about her journey to America and the challenges...

My beautiful grandmas journey of life

I’ve learned that my grandma and grandpa were really rich before the Cambodian civil war. They were merchants trading fish and owned their own business. During the war the Khmer Rouge took everything from people. They knocked on your door...

Gina Tillis and Sheri Neely

Dr. Gina Tillis (42) speaks with her friend Sheri Neely (48) about her experience as a young woman with Black, Mexican, and Choctaw heritage who moved from California to Texas as a teenager. Gina speaks fondly of Edwards High, an...

Lexi Sickles and Daniel Guzman

Colleagues Lexi Sickles (23) and Daniel Guzman (39) talk about the importance of creating a safe space for Oneida youth to heal and to reconnect with their culture and how they themselves are still working to do the same.

Ekkerhart Rausch and Frederic Bien

Frederic Bien (56) interviews his friend and neighbor Ekkehart Rausch (74) about Ekkehart's father's life, fighting as a non-supportive German in the Nazi army in World War II, and his eventual emigration to the United States in 1958, where he...


Taking a deeper look into the mind of someone who is not a feminist

Exemplar Interview

We interviewed someone our group looked up to very much. She is a therapist and is committed to helping people through therapy. She is currently pursuing her PhD and is a very good rolemodel.

Let’s talk interview

That’s about 2020 election and what your opinions are on freedom our country and safety

What college and friendship means to me

Andy and I review our semester and talk about how we met, our favorite memories together, and social life. we also discuss college, our upbringing, and how we think these years will help us in life

Do It And See What Happens

Today I interviewed my oldest friend Riley. I am an only child and he has become the closest thing I have to a brother, so naturally we are very close. In this interview Riley tells the story of his family...

Tiffani interviews Alex

This interview is about the childhood school life of Alex which was in Eastern Europe and how he enjoyed one day of "freedom" from the strict environment of his primary school.

Interview with Stephine (situational questions)

In this interview, I asked Stephine 12 questions based on a situation and what she would do. These questions related back to the ideas of freedom, God, justice, morality, etc.

Lara Gale and Hanif Ahmadzai

Friends Lara Gale (42) and Hanif Ahmadzai (40) discuss their work in Afghanistan, democracy, freedom, and tolerance.

Discussion of the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong

In this interview, we discussed the handover of Hong Kong, and the various social and political effects that came along with the transfer. We talked about the government interference, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and how the events shaped and validated...

Aug 18 2020 1:26 pm Louis Voros & Beth Moeller for the Senior Citizens Day Griswold Home Care Fairfield County Resilience Project

Beth Moeller (57) of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County and Louis Voros (77) of Fairfield, CT sit down via StoryCorps connect to discuss wisdom gleaned from a life of hard work and perseverance. Hear Lou share how a quest for...