David Gonzalez and his grandmother, Irene Osorio have a conversation

Me and my grandmother spoke about her memories about her childhood and her earlier years

Susan “Susu” Cameron

Susu and I talk about growing up in Salt Lake and the differences between our generations

Great Listen Interview – JT Bowen, P2
November 28, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my friends grandmother about her life.

Mary Eileen Ward and her grandmother Mary Morgan talk about the different stages of Mary’s life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Evergreen Park, Illinois, Mary Eileen Ward (16) interviews her grandmother Mary Morgan (83) about her life, from childhood to present day. Mary Morgan talks about childhood traditions, where she met her husband,...

Shiho interviewing her 92 year old Grandmother

In collaboration with Shiho, we have launched the Obaa-chan in the cloud project. She has interviewed her 92 year old Grandmother, her mother and aunt for her children to be able to access “in the cloud” when they share these...

Life in Gotebo

We talked about my grandmothers life when she was a teenager in gotebo

Growing up in Lebanon

This StoryCorps interview was about my grandmothers life growing up in Beirut, Lebanon and her move to Chicago, Illinois.

Family over all

Interview with my grandmother about her life and family and the disparities of her generation and Gen-z-ers’ generation.

PSY230 Interview

I interviewed my grandmother for an assignment. We talked about her life and happiness.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jodi Turner answers the questions about the Great Thanksgiving Listen

Lucky to be a blue.

A conversation with my wonderful "Nanny B" (grandmother) about her relationship with my granddad, Jerry Blue. Silly memories and meaningful life lessons from very wise woman that took place on a lovely Friday afternoon. We discuss the impact of growing...


In this interview i have a meaningful conversation with my grandmother about life and more importantly hers. You catch a glimpse in the end of real feelings.

My Grandma and Me

This is an interview with my Grandmother on Thanksgiving. Thank you Nanny, I love you.

Abby talks to her grandmother about her childhood
November 19, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother about her childhood and life. I wanted to interview her about her childhood after I saw a cow bell in the kitchen. I asked where it was from and she says that it was on her...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Reese Martin

This interview is very short, but sweet. We talk about things ranging from my grandmother's childhood to her advice for many generations to come.

Zaidian Van Orden interviewing his grandmother, Linda Horning.

I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Horning, about my pap, my mom, and her childhood.

Mary Davis and Emma Walker

Talking about the life of my grandmother, Mary Davis.

What Can One Generation Learn From Another by Basil Petti-Kassovic

This Interview is about me and my grandmother going over some of the happiest days of your life and also some of the hardest days of her life and many other questions. This is also about but one generation can...

the talk of the hour

This interview is about my grandmother's childhood, and the changes she faced as she made the change from a Cuban lifestyle to an American lifestyle.