Interview with Grandmother

Interview with grandmother about her life in England during WWII

“I’m a changed woman as far as my feelings about poverty”: Susan on her role as Wayne Township Trustee

Susan Isaacs, the Wayne Township Trustee and community organizer, talks with Alison about her early years of success, life's ups and downs, and how she approaches the unique role of caretaker in the trustee's office.

Life in Jamaica

An interview between my grandmother and I. We spoke a little about the passing of my grandfather and life before and after living in Jamaica.

Hannah Mueller

Hannah Mueller: 2020-12-11 01:41:46 Hannah Mueller talks with her grandmother Linda Reinfeld about what her life has been like.

Aidan Wendler interviews Patricia Wendler

I interview my grandmother, Patricia Wendler, who is 90 years old and has had a long life filled with wonderful experiences. My grandmother was born during the Great Depression and her teenager years were encapsulated by World War II. My...

Gramma Wolfe

Sharing some stories with my sweet Gramma.

About Nina Linwood’s Life

In this interview on Sunday, November 25, 2018 in Rockville Centre, New York, Jayden Connolly interviews her grandma, Nina Linwood and talk about Nina’s life. Nina talks about her childhood and what it was like growing up. Nina also shares...


I talk to my grandmother about her love life.

My Mom and Her’s

Carissa asks her mother, Cinnamon, about her late grandmother and what she meant to her:

Stephanie and Rachel interview Grandma Jackie

A conversation with Grandma about her life, greatest influences, and the memorable moments in her life.

Yung Nanay ko at Yung Nanay nya (My mom and her 'mom')

My mom's life growing up without her parents and being raised by her grandmother in the Philippines and how life was for her and her sister.

Thanksgiving interviewer With my grandma

This interview was me asking questions to my grandma about her life

My interview with my Grandma

Talked to my grandmother on my father’s side about her life.

Interview with Grandma (Vovo Lu)

My grandma is from Brazil so some aspects of her life, like her childhood are different than most people. I like to hear funny stories about her life growing up to get to know her better and how they impacted...

Me and my Vovo

During my interview I mostly talked about what my vovos life was like when she was younger. I talked in English while she talked in creolo because that is her first language.

Interviewing my grandmother

In this interview it was at my house on the 25th of November with my grandmother named Ellen Ross and we talked about voting, her career and religion

Thanksgiving Interview

Me and my mother mainly talked about to not regret anything in life and just live.