Interview with my sister

I interview my sister about COVID, her first year of high school, and her experiences in competitive gymnastics.

New Martial Arts Journey

I interviewed my kickboxing coach. The questions I asked were about his life and how he grew up. I also learned about what type of martial arts he does. There were many things I learned that surprised me!

Alice "Putty" Willetts. A Swarthmorean Life.

Alice "Putty" Willetts grew up in Swarthmore, and has lived here nearly 100 years. She is interviewed by her former gym class student who is now also a senior citizen, Barbara Bernhardt. Putty taught gym for decades. She was on...

Noah and Joel Best

The stories of Joel’s childhood and school experience, and of his love life with my mother.

A day in the gym

He explained, what happened in the gym

motivation for change

i started going to the gym and gained muscle

Edward Ruggieri and Andrew Saillant Talk About Male Body Image in the Pursuit to a Healthier Lifestyle

Edward Ruggieri (19) talks to Andrew Saillant (19) about his leadership role of being a powerlifter and personal trainer and his thoughts on male body image issues when trying to achieve a healthier life style.

My dad and all his careers

A story of all the jobs that my dad had had over the years. As well as all the lessons he has learned through the years. Listen to minutes 7 to 10.

Using Aira to enhance Personal Independence

Dustin has found personal independence since using Aira. He no longer has to ask friends or family for help. Dustin recently called in to Aira and went shopping with his smart glasses for the first time. All with a shopping...