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John Alston Volume 2
John Alston Volume 1
Kourtney Kopp & Simon McGuire on the big snow of 2016 in Swarthmore.
Jean Fleschute, "... he refused to drink out of the communal dog drinking bowl."
Janna Rhodes, "... I had only been to Swarthmore a few times... coming up the sidewalk, and she said 'it's a good day for chocolate.'"
Heather Schumacher "it was Michael Jordan years... and I remember sitting on the patio with my dad."
Rowan Connelly "... once there was a little girl named Rapunzel."
Allison, Abby, and Isabel Garfinkel, " day buddy didn't come home... we were saying 'Buddy, where are you?'"
Phyllis Hasbrouck "... my mother pretended to badly twist her ankle."
Jeffery James Boyle a favorite childhood memory.
Pierce Marra... a blooper and a memory!
Quincy Saxon onThe Eastern Coast of Australia and... platypuses!
Alaina Cannon and her family at the Swarthmore Farmer's Market
Coleman Wilson Family Interview Vol. I
Calvin Coleman & Betty Ann Wilson Family History Vol. II
Alice "Putty" Willetts. A Swarthmorean Life.