Hingham Seniors Interview

We discussed Kathy’s favorites memories and hobbies. We had a great conversation and built a meaningful connection! #HinghamSeniors

Sarah Mathes and her aunt Mary Foelster talk about growing up in Maryland and her careers along the way.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Annapolis, Maryland, Sarah interviews her aunt Mary Foelster about life growing up in Maryland and her career path along the way. Mary talks about life growing up for her as the...

Jacob Barnhill and his grandmother, Betty Sistrunk talk about life.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in Converse, Louisiana on November 25, 2017, Jacob Barnhill and his grandmother, Betty Sistrunk talk about her childhood and life. Betty shares many stories about her childhood.

Patricia Acuña talks about growing up in mexico and then coming to live in Plano, Tx.

In this interview conducted by Morelia Mendez on December third, 2017, Patricia Acuña shares stories of her childhood in Mexico and her life here in Plano, Tx. Patricia speaks about her mother and her grandmother and how important these women...

Long distance call with Grandma Morgan and her granddaughter Isabel Milla

An interview takes place between Isabel Milla and her grandma, Kay Morgan. The interview is over a long distance call between McKinney, TX and Ponca City, OK. They chat about Grandma Morgan’s childhood and her experiences. Her love for family...

Interview with Gener

What was life like growing up, how has it affected the person you are today, and what advice would you give your younger self.

Thomas Janders

I asked my father a few questions about his childhood and the jobs he had throughout his life.

Niko Kolefski asks his dad, Ardian Kolefski, about his childhood memories.

In this interview on December 2019, Niko Kolefski interviews his dad, Ardian Kolefski. Stories are told about his childhood memories and hobbies. He also talks about his future hopes. At the end, he tells about how he would like to...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Mr. Norris Hillery

Brother Norris Hillery highlights his early life and interests. He also notes the importance of his religion, otherwise known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Ronald Joseph Mazzone (82) and his great niece discuss about being an adolescant in the 50’s in Chicago, IL.

In this interview, taken place in Chicago, Illinois in November 2017, Natasha Mazzone (15) interviews her great uncle Ronald Joseph Mazzone (82). Ron lives in Chandler, Arizona, therefore this interview was recorded over the phone. In this interview, Ron discusses...

Interview Mary Burns

I mostly asked her questions about her life as a teen and things that most impacted her life growing up.

My Interview with, “Grandma Marsha”

My grandmother and I sit down and have a conversation about her life. Details about the interview touch on topics such as her childhood, political views and observations about the changes she’s observed in modern day times. She opens up...

Story of Our Lives

We talked about everything ranging from our childhoods to our interests to our transitions into college.

A Summary of Selena Zheng

Selena Zheng, 17, talks about her childhood, school, goals, and life in general. She is a high school student who attends Egg Harbor Township High School. In this interview she speaks about her morals and beliefs that she strongly lives...

Eli Ghiz and Parker Cane interview

I (Parker Cane) interviewed Eli Ghiz about his life

Bella O’Connor interviewing her mother Crystal O’Connor

Interviewer Bella O’Connor and interviewee Crystal O’Connor talked about her childhood growing up and what her school life was like. We talked about the jobs she had and the things that she would do during the summers away from school....

Interview with my grandmother, Grammy.

Today is November 23, 2017 in Andover, Minnesota. I am Lindsey Green, my grandmother is Nancy Falls I start off with asking my grandmother questions about what she is grateful for, and about her childhood. She shares so many interesting...

Interview on Duncan Monroe

In this interveiw, my grandpa Duncan Monroe is interviewed by me Cade Beadell. This interview was conducted in 2017 just out side of Love Lock, Nevada. I, Cade Beadell ask my grandfather questions about his life and types of advice...

My Mimi’s Life

I loved‘ shearing about my grandma’s childhood and life story. She had a lot of things to share about her family and experiences as well as her occupation and education. I enjoyed her unique that I have not heard about...

Joshua Cameron interviews his grandmother Brenda about how it was growing up.

Joshua Cameron interviews his grandmother Brenda on Sunday ,November 25th 2018 in bowie MD. This is interview is about how Brenda grew up in Maryland. she talks about how she did in school to what she did she get married.


In this interview, my grandma Pat Allen talks about her childhood. She explains how different it was back then and how her life has changed. She has had so many interesting experiences in her life. I learned so much more...