Interview with coach gates

We talked about coach gates life story and where he is now a full story

Life is Good

My grandfather Peter Murphy, age 64, was born in Long island. He was the UCONN lacrosse captain of 1980 and graduated with a degree in Civil engineering. He founded his own software company that has billions of users globally using...

JP Leary and Sapatis Menomin

JP Leary (51) speaks with his former student and mentee Sapatis Menomin (34) about their shared time at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. JP talks about his work at the First Nations Studies Center and Sapatis talks about his work on...

Lauren Talks

We talked about her life while playing lacrosse and the people who have impacted her life.

Interview with Grant

Talked about his life growing up, favorite memories, and who he has become.

Lacrosse coach
February 24, 2019 App Interview

Interview with Pen High JV lacrosse coach about his lacrosse background

A conversation with Jackson Spires

Jackson and I talked about all kinds of things! From vacations to his career to goals and even a note to his great great grandchildren

denny beale

Interview with my father about the racism he faced growing up while playing lacrosse and the future for lacrosse.

Trinity Brown Can Do It All

Trinity Brown shares her story and her involvement in the University of the Cumberlands Diversity Leadership Council and the women’s lacrosse team.

Interview with my dad

Today, January 2nd, 2022, I interviewed my dad about what his life was like back then and how it is now, and I learned a lot of new things that I have never heard before. this interview was taken in...

My dads lacrosse career

My dad goes a little in depth on his career from high school to college

Allison’s Crazy Beautiful Life

Allison is a student-athlete at the University of Detroit Mercy. This interview was a chance for her to reflect on her last four years studying and playing lacrosse. As well as a chance to look into what her future holds....

Interview with Amanda

10 minute interview with Amanda Phillips, good friend and teammate.

EC Interview

I decided to interview my dad John Weigand. He grew up in a big family in Fortwayne, Indiana with 4 brothers and 1 sister. His life was filled with sports, fun, and working hard. As he grew up, he attended...

Coach Moore interview

Why is lacrosse considered a club sport at high schools instead of a school supported sport?

David Radmore, talking to Loran Diehl Saito
November 24, 2022 App Interview

David Radmore, 54, talks with his cousin Loran Diehl Saito, 57, at the family Thanksgiving gathering

Lainey Mihalich Interviews Samantha Stewart About Her Life and Dreams

This is an interview with Lainey Mihalich’s close friend Samantha Stewart. Samantha will talk about how her life is currently (specifically where she is at with her lacrosse) and her future.

sports interview

Take an inside peak into Holly Koudelka sports life