Athena Jackson Interview

2017-2018 RBMS chair Athena Jackson talks about how and why she entered the profession. She also lays out the importance of creating spaces that render that which is invisible visible.

Leadership Interview with Jan

I had the privilege of interviewing an amazing woman who is founder and director of Mama’s House, which is a nonprofit in Palm Springs for women in crisis pregnancies. Jan is an amazing leader, and she brings so much faith...

Sharon Jessup and Emilia Cortez

Sharon Jessup (84) is interviewed by Emilia Cortez (34) about her experiences as a Girl Scout member and leader.

Adrian Montague and James Shuttleworth

Co-Founders of Flint Soup, Adrian Montague (33) and James Shuttleworth (36) reflect on starting Flint Soup, why this kind of non-profit work was important to them, and the kinds of impact they've achieved.

Everywhere I’ve met up with Wellesley women, I think, ‘Ah ha!’

Martha Teichner and Milly Cooper Glimcher reflect on how their experiences at Wellesley fostered their interests and ambitions, and share their thoughts on how Wellesley prepares women to enter the public sphere.

“At Wellesley, every leader was a woman. And so to me, learning that women could do all those leadership roles, was really transformative.”

Deborah Birnbach ’87 and Shannon Langston ’87 discuss the strength behind a group of women, and how Wellesley’s positive environment empowered them in their career choices.

Alice Ferris and Jim Anderson

Friends and business partners Alice Ferris (49) and Jim Anderson (55) discuss how they both came into the jobs they have now working together and explore some of the things they have learned from each other, both in their friendship...

Samuel Surowitz and Nicolas Cadena

Samuel Surowitz (30) talks to new acquaintance Nicolas Cadena (26) about his military experience and current work as Director of Veteran Services at the University of Dayton. He talks about his understanding of effective leadership and mentorship, especially in assisting...

Happiness, Leadership, and Life

Ongoing discussion of the vital aspect of life, key indicators of successful leadership, and what leads to fulfillment over The number ending pursuit of pleasure.

APUSH Interview with Nana and Pop Pop

Talking to Nan and Pop about how their childhood was different form ours and how things have changed from when they were younger to today. Essential to analyze the way things have changed over time.

Wendy Cornelisen

After a life changing moment, Wendy Cornelisen decided to switch professions and become a librarian. In less than 7 years, Wendy went from being a student in graduate school to becoming the Assistant State Librarian for the state of Georgia....

“One of the best days of my life.”
December 6, 2018 App Interview

Liz Touhy speaks with Scott Christy about her experiences on NOLS Expeditions. She recalls a powerful experience as a NOLS student on an expedition in the Waddington Range of British Columbia where she gained confidence, and then elaborates on what...

Interview with Paul C.

We touched on what it is like to deal with workplace conflicts and different leadership traits he has seen over the years along with in-depth discussions on being there for and getting to know your team. We actually ended up...


It could be a bad thing for the gender roles in leadership to change

Talk Less, Listen More

Today, on May 5th, I sat down with my father to mainly discuss how he’s doing during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what his opinion of the current matter is.