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Son interviews mom about her foreign exchange student life.

Graham Roe interviews his mom, Cecilia Roe about her life as a foreign exchange student. Cecilia Roe states that she is very proud and happy that she was able to have the chance to become a foreign exchange student. Cecilia...

Interview With My Mother

An Interview with a family member of mine, this case being my very own mother.

Becky’s Influencer

This is an interview about Becky’s greatest influence and how this person has shaped her life.

My older brother’s life experiences

A older brother,talking to his little brother about his life and his experiences.His point of view of life.How he felt about coming to America and his biggest challenges he faced and how it impacted him and his identity.

Talking to my mom about her life and mine

My mother and I have had different lives growing up but at the end of the day we pretty much value the same things

Glenn Storek in Berlin
October 23, 2022 App Interview

Glenn Storek passed through Berlin on travel in 1961. During his visit he would participate and resisting against the Berlin Wall, this would bring an encounter that would change his life forever.

My Life Changing Event

We all have events in our life that can make life completely different..

Interview of Kevin Knoth

An interview of Kevin Knoth, 51 Male, by his daughter Kaitlyn Kushner, 23 female. The interview entails his life before and after meeting his late wife Tammy Knoth who recently passed away on April 6th, 2023.

Immigrating to a Better Life

Many immigrate to the U.S. in search for better opportunities to start a life. I have interviewed my uncle who went through this process who has now made a successful life for himself.

Mario Ramirez and her daughter Sherllyn talk about his experience growing up

My father and I talked about his life experiences, what he learned throughout his life, and his relationship with my mom and his parents . My dad,Mario, grew up with his mom and dad in Guatemala, he went to school...

Life changing event

I interviewed one of my resident Shannon Corey on a life changing event. The car accident of her sisters impacted her life because she almost lost them and had her realize how important they are to her life.

How my Dad recovered from an accident
April 17, 2023 App Interview

I talked to my dad about how his car accident affected his life and how the afterwards recovery changed his perspective.

An unexpected turn can take you to better things

My sister, Joanna Roman who is 27 saw her life differently from when she was a teenager. She imagined it differently but it shaped her into a better and led her to a career she enjoys.

Reinventing Myself Senior Year

Sara moved from a small town in Indiana her senior year of high school. Rather than being upset, she took advantage of the situation and learned an important life lesson.

Glenn Storek's excursion in Berlin
November 2, 2022 App Interview

While Glenn Storek was traveling through Europe in 1961, while passing through Berlin he witnessed the people of East Berlin being trapped by the communists. He then decided to participate in resisting East Berlin and helping the people trapped inside...

A personal recollection of living through 9/11

Can you imagine witnessing the biggest news story unfold in real time? Well Ann Gurrola and many others who were alive in the early 2000’s did. I interviewed my mom, Ann Gurrola on the terrorist attack of the twin towers...

How 9/11 affected my mom

We talked about the significance about 9/11 through my moms perspective. We talked about how it has affected and changed her

Life changing

My mother had a hard time with me being born at a young age. People viewed her differently, and she had a hard time taking care of me; now she's affected by this life changing decision of making better choices...

Things I never knew I never knew

Getting to know things that I have never known about my mother

Weinzimmer Interview

My Dad’s experience moving to a new town at a young age.